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BDO_Tamer first choice

MassivelyOP had a fun yet fascinating topic for their Daily Grind column.

Which MMO has the best character hair in the genre?

I decided to muse about that here instead of leaving a comment over there, mainly because I had previously complained about some hair styles and it’s one thing that often annoys me, too. I remember back in art classes that I got compliments for being able to draw hair as well as I did and that it was supposedly really difficult to get right. So I assume: If it’s that difficult to do manually, then it can’t be easy to do in a computer game.

Seriously – what is that? And how could something this horrible and fake-looking get through Lotro’s quality control? Out of all the MMOs, Lotro sticks out for me in having the worst hairstyles. It’s also quite old, so one should keep that in mind. However, World of Warcraft ist older and they didn’t release their game with such hair! So, even if it’s not wavy or looking too realistic with individual strands or hair moving (I guess that’d be a lot of calculations that would needed to be done for one character only), you can still make it look adequate.

GW2_Self Style Hair Kit

Guild Wars 2 has very nice options and in general, I prefer the way hair is done here. It’s a much younger game, though. But the question wasn’t which MMO has the worst, nor “nice” hair. The question was which MMO has the best hair! Guild Wars 2 has many options – unless you’re asura or don’t want to spend any real money. And there’s always a nice selection of short, medium and long hair styles for both genders! So from the MMOs I’m more or less still playing, I go with Guild Wars 2.

BDO_New Tenddra_Tamer

I don’t play Black Desert Online anymore and I don’t remember the amount of options they have. What I do remember is that I loved this hair style and the colours I could choose. You’re also able to adjust the hair length and have the hair curled or straight or something in between. I’m sure there are other MMOs out there nowadays that let you do that, but I’m not playing any of them.


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