Once more: Level 60 in WoW

I got my warlock to level 60 on Thursday evening already. But, even with staying at home, life is busy here.

I grinded all of the way to level 58 on sartyrs to get enough demonic runes for the Robe of the Void. Why did Blizzard ever decide to make them bind on pickup, then only have a handful of mobs make them drop, put the drop rate that low and have us play on servers where only at 7.30 am to 10 am (on Sunday mornings, up to 9 am during the week) you even have a chance of killing a few mobs because the place is crowded? I spent my week off work doing exactly that in the mornings. I sat down, got a few cups of coffee and grinded the sartyrs until two or three other players showed up, then I left the place.

But the robe is pretty and makes her more powerful, so it’s okay now.

I did play during the original vanilla WoW, but I didn’t join until December (the game had launched in February in Europe). So I don’t know if the original game world had been this crowded already. I do know that I don’t like it. It’s a PvE server, so all the Alliance players can’t kill me, at least. But I really wish there’d be zone-wide layering. Or Burning Crusade content. Actually, Burning Crusade would be better. Then I could play a Draenei mage again.

Next up will be playing my shaman as I actually completely lost interest in my warlock. But since I want my shaman to be a healer eventually, I still wanted a high level character that can go into the world and grind and earn gold that way, so I sticked with her.