LotRO and DDO with free access to game content

Lotro Hobbit Guardian

With the current Corona situation all over the world, I guess more and more people stay at home (either voluntary or because they have to). So, computer games are a nice pastime, especially when they’re online games where you can play with others. You get to socialize without giving Corona a chance to spread even further. This is why I really love Standing Stone Games for their offer: DDO’s and LotRO’s content that is usually behind paywalls is free to everyone until the end of April!

I have a lifetime sub for LotRO, so there’s nothing for me. I did give DDO a try years ago, but it’s just not my kind of game. Thankfully, with WoW Classic, Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars 2 (the recent update giving us some content from season 1 to experience again), I have more than enough MMOs to play! Still, I’m wondering if more MMOs will offer something for returning or new players!

As the situation in Germany: Schools will be closed in most German states until the week after Easter. The first state has declared a curfew, so people have to stay inside their homes. I expect other states (mine as well) to follow after the weekend, if not earlier. We are still in the process of settling into our new flat. But next up is putting all our board games into a new shelf we bought. After that, we won’t only have a ton of PC games to play (other than MMOs, there’s kind of a backlog of games on Steam, Epic, GoG,…), but also lots of board games that we haven’t played in ages. And yes, there’s also a backlog for board games. Being gaming geeks means we won’t be bored for a long time. And once I’m healthy enough again, I’ll have my elliptical trainer here at home to keep my body fit (oh, who am I kidding? – To hopefully get my body in a state close to being fit again, of course!).

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