No Screenshot Saturday: Torchlight 3

Yes, NO screenshot today, because there’s an NDA on media. Fortunately, we are allowed to talk and write about the game as much as we want. We are just not allowed to show any screenshots or videos.

I’ve started playing with the new class, the Sharpshooter. I must admit, I didn’t much care for the previous classes. The robot is fun, but I prefer humanoids, at least, as a “main character” (that is, the first I play through). So when I read about the Sharpshooter, I figured it’s a good class for me. I prefer melee, actually, as long as they’ve got some tricks up their sleeve. Ranged physical is better in ARPGs, though. But I was worried that the class may turn out to be a bit too straight-forward and thus, boring.

When I looked at the skills, I was super surprised, though. There’s the Precision tree which has lots of ranged physical abilities as you’d expect from a class like this. Scattershots, exploding arrows and everything else that a lot of ranged classes in fantasy games get. The second tree, Adventurer, surprised me. It’s the one I put my skill points in so far. My favourite skill is the rat ball! It’s not called like that, of course. But that’s what it is. A giant ball of (un?)dead rats rolling into the enemies! They call them “spirit rats” and they poison the enemies. Another skill lets my character disappear and reappear somewhere else, being immune to damage for a bit. Apparently, the Sharpshooter drops into the “spirit world”. There’ll also be demon spirits, a spirit eagle called “Goose”, spirit goblins and… an ancient gem. Now that sounds like a disappointment. No spirit down the skill tree? Oh well. It blinds the enemies, so it’ll probably help my character survive. I was just hoping for something else spirit-y down there.

My Sharpshooter is still tiny, only level 4. But she’s a lot of fun to play so far. She deals enough damage with the rifle, she definitely looks cool with her feathery hat and I like the survival skills that come with the adventurer tree.

Sadly, we don’t know the price of the game yet. I want to know how much to put aside from my gaming budget for this game!

What do you think?

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