Torchlight Frontiers becomes Torchlight III

…and they didn’t just stop after changing the upcoming game’s name. According to their news post, they are really remaking the game to be a successor to the previous Torchlight games.

For me, the biggest changes are:

  • Premium instead of free to play (the in-game shop was removed!)
  • No more horizontal progression (I am usually a fan of that, but not in an action RPG. I want to find better items and get stronger! That’s the whole point!)
  • The grind is gone (no idea what kind of grind they mean, but probably not the good kind that you find in action RPGs where you want to repeatedly play through a zone)
  • Playing offline or online (I couldn’t find it in the news post linked to on top, but in the Steam news they posted. You choose which when you create your character)
  • The 4th class, the Sharpshooter (okay, not a change, but I love how the class sounds, so I’m really excited!)

Apparently, they decided to make this change based on feedback they have gotten from us alpha testers. I’m wondering how many people voiced their concerns about the game as it was… Although I do know that a lot of people were skeptical about the free to play model and asked for a buy to play one instead.

I’ve been looking forward to the release of the game – but now I am excited! I loved Torchlight I, I loved Torchlight II even more, so if I love Torchlight III just half as much, I’ll be happy (well, depending on the price of the “premium” game).


  1. Not everyone is happy about this switch, but for me it does raise interest levels somewhat again. I was quite open to the idea of an MMO-esque Torchlight, but the horizontal progression was a major turn-off in my opinion.

    So I guess we’ll have to see how this all shakes out. I’ll keep one eye open now. :)


    1. I’ve seen more positive than negative comments so far (but I only checked the Twitter announcement and the Steam page :p). But yeah, not everybody likes the change, of course. I just think that overall, it didn’t sound like an ARPG anymore (unlike Path of Exile, for example) and too much… I don’t even know how to describe it. All over the place in a way? They started with features, changed them and now removed them (thinking of the progression through the Frontiers, for example).

      So maybe, they should try another MMO-esque version once they know how the end product should be and feel? I’m definitely not adverse to it, I just prefer TL III at this point.

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