The worst game genre?

Paeroka's Ponderings featured image for columnI know there is no way to realistically and objectively call any genre the worst, of course. But I guess every gamer has this one genre that they cannot stand at all. Judging from some reviews I’ve seen, I would say this is the visual novel game in a lot of cases.

So obviously, this question can only be answered in a very subjective way. I know my favourite genres, but I never really thought about the one(s) I disliked the most – until now. My first thought would have been first person shooters. But that’s only partly true. I have really bad simulation/motion sickness and can’t deal with first person view. So in a way it is the worst game genre for me because it literally makes me sick. But if I could play, then I am certain that I would actually enjoy some of them. At least the single player or PvE versions. I am not such a fan of the more popular PvP shooters.

Analogue: A Hate Story

I started to muse about this when looking at a game bundle… , I looked up each game that I didn’t know and realized that as soon as I read the tag “platformer“, I skipped everything else about the game and went on to the next in the list.

Here is a fun fact: My parents own the Game & Watch Donkey Kong game. I used to love playing that over and over again! My dad still does. And back when the Gameboy was the thing everybody just had to have, I also played a lot of Super Mario Land and a Ninja Turtles game (forgot the name). I’ve never had much patience for things like these games, so I mainly liked playing them because I had some unofficial versions that gave you 99 lives. I enjoyed both games and because of the extra lives, I actually managed to finish Super Mario Land. For me, the appeal of the game was having a character and experiencing the story while adventuring through the world – yeah, roleplaying games if you will.

There is the odd platformer game that I will buy regardless because it sounds or looks good. Take Hob, for example. Such a pretty game and a neat idea! Or the Trine series. I do own Trine to Trine 3, but I never even started 1 and 3. I played Trine 2 for a whole 7 hours before giving up. I actually enjoyed the game, but I just don’t have the patience it needs to succeed. Also, I bought Hob because I’d really wanted it and the first obstacle I found, I gave up on the game!

So, at the end of this blog post, I guess it’s not the whole genre I dislike. There are a few games that I find fascinating, but my lack of patience and willingness to play through parts again and again until I succeed make me stay away from this genre.

I regularly have rants and ramblings in my mind, but never really know if I should post them, so “Paeroka’s Ponderings” is where I will try to give these rants a place. Sometimes they will make sense, sometimes they won’t.


  1. I don’t like platformers either. It occurred to me, reading this, that if you took the platforming out of a platform game you’d end up with a really short, shallow visual novel. In fact, if you took the game mechanics out of most games with any pretention to a narrative structure, that’s what you’d end up with. Which is why I find the classification of “visual novels” as “games” misleading. It’s no wonder “gamers” don’t like or trust that genre – it doesn’t really have much to do with gaming at all. And at the same time, the inclusion of the word “game” puts off most of the potential audience, who very well might enjoy a novelistic experience mediated by technology.


    1. They’re not really games, but they’re not novels either. Or e-books. Because there’s music, animations, choices (although there are adventure books where you can roll dice and make decisions). I look at them as a hybrid between PC games and novels/e-books. And I enjoy them once in a while precisely because they’re not like a platformer and they let me lean back and relax and just enjoy a good story. :p (well, hopefully good story, I should say!)


  2. I don’t like platformers. I’m not patient enough and I’m not particularly good at them. Quite often, when I do like a platformer, it’s not because of the platforming. I like Risk of Rain 1 for instance.. and it’s a rogue-like-action-game with platforming elements in it… but the platforming is something that I’d consider so tiny in this game that I can just ignore it. There’re other games like Deadcells or Dungreed that are great games in their core but have platforming elements that can be frustrating or annoying. I like these games but I dislike platformers. Some of the games I play just happen to be platformers, too, so of course there’s no way around it at some point. I guess you can ignore it to some part in most games and enjoy other parts of it… I like “Getting Over it” because of the Narration and the theme of it. I hate the platforming but I enjoy the challenge. I like the music but I hate the gameplay. It’s mixed feelings that I have for this game.

    So I agree with ya that it’s purely subjective and that platformers suck. Sure, there are exceptions but you like those games because of everything else but the platforming, right?
    Just like with people: While I don’t want to spend time with a lot of them, there are some that, due to other reasons, are quite nice to hang around with. Exceptions are made because of other factors that make them unique, not because of them being part of the rule. Right?

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