Screenshot Saturday: Level 40 in ESO

I know that max level in ESO is 50, not 40. But it still feels like a big milestone to me. Especially since it took me months to get from level 30 to 40. I really need to play this game more often. It’s so much fun and the world is very pretty.

I also feel that I’m finally getting stronger with my templar… could be the gear or maybe the skills she has. Either way, I don’t die that often anymore and that probably adds to the fun factor as well!



  1. Congrats! I’m poking along with a nightblade at L20… and am thinking of playing a warden for a bit to check it out. So level 40 seems enormous to me!

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    1. It does for me as well! I am also still not sure that the templar with her magicka build really is the one I want as my main. :p But I’m sticking with her until max level and will then likely switch to another character that becomes my main one. It’s been like that in every MMO I’ve played.


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