2020 and upcoming MMOs…?

I clearly remember the time before LotRO launched and how I was eyeing it curiously (and testing it during a beta event) and how I could understand the excitement other players had for the title. It wasn’t for me back then, but still. I understood and even shared the excitement! When I first heard about Warhammer Online, I dismissed the game. A game focusing on PvP? No thanks. But the more I read about the game, and especially the more I saw about the game’s classes, the more I wanted to play it! I read every article on Waaagh and then preordered the Collector’s Edition. After that, there wasn’t much excitement for new MMOs for a while. Poor Rift came at a time where I was preparing for my university finals, so I had other things on my mind. And then came Guild Wars 2. The reason this very blog here even exists! After Warhammer Online, this was the second MMO that had gotten me really excited. Since then, I haven’t been that enthusiastic about any new MMO. Curious? Sure. But nothing else.

And now that 2019 has ended, there’s the question: Which new MMOs are on the horizon? Actually, for me at the moment, there is just two and I can’t say I’m really excited yet. Just curious.

New World

I wasn’t interested in New World at all at first as it was a game that forced everybody to be PvP-flagged all the time. I definitely do not want to play a game like that. In my limited free time when I can enjoy a game, I am also usually tired and I prefer playing games the way I want to – not the way a PvP ganker decides I have to play now. But apparently, I wasn’t the only one that wasn’t thrilled about this. After their closed alpha, it got very silent and now Amazon announced that PvP will be optional and there will be PvE content. Now those that were hoping for a PvP gankfest game, I get that they are disappointed. Maybe Amazon should go with PvP-enforced and PvP-optional servers instead.

I had been invited to the alpha, but since it was a PVP-enforced game where everybody could attack everybody else, I only took a look around in the tutorial area – if it was one. I couldn’t immediately get attacked by others, at least. But this was maybe 5 minutes? All I remember is that the character movement was smooth. The graphics looked good.

I want more information on the game, though. You can currently preorder it, but the information on the official website is very scarce. It tells me that there are no classes and that there’ll be over 1000 other players on one server. The game description on the preorder page mentions melee, ranged and magic as possible combat skills. It’s taking place on a supernatural island, Aeternum, in the 17th century. It is taking place in an alternate history, so not in our world. There are supposedly three factions and you’ll be able to choose one. I know housing was mentioned (in a German article, I think), but I haven’t been able to find more information on that. The official YouTube channel is also pretty empty. The Twitch one has no videos at all. Not much is known at this point.

Now, about the payment system: It is buy-to-play, but they already said that there will be an in-game shop. What exactly we’ll be able to buy there is currently unknown. I would assume that of course, there won’t be any “pay to win”-items, because all game developers promise this. At least, I’ve never seen anybody say “yes, there will be pay to win!”. But I am cautious and want to know more about that aspect as well before I decide whether I want to invest time and money into a game. Overall, I want to know much more about the game before I decide to invest anything. It seems to me that because this game is developed by a huge company like Amazon, it’s receiving some premature praise without us knowing whether it will actually deserve it. I’m trying to imagine a smaller company launching their preorders with the information we’ve been given and am wondering whether they’d have success with that? But I am definitely interested in the game! I just really really want much more information first (and it will be coming in the next weeks… hopefully).


I’ve been seeing other bloggers mention this game every so often. At one point, I decided to check what it actually was, and I like what I’m seeing. Pantheon seems to be the complete opposite of what New World is going to be: It looks old-school, it doesn’t have action combat and you choose a class for your character. Also, the official website has almost too many details and information about the game. At least, if you just want to get a glimpse of the game, you’ll soon feel overwhelmed by the amount you can get! They’re regularly showing some gameplay and explain a bit about the game on CohhCarnage’s Twitch channel.

One thing I like in particular is that the game will have offensive and defensive targets – I know these from WAR and I loved that concept! Sadly, they won’t have housing. At least, not at launch and their idea for post-launch is an outpost that your guild can have. That’s not exactly what I would want for housing.

They aren’t completely certain about their payment model yet. It could be a traditional subscription model or a buy-to-play model with paid DLCs. I guess it’s too soon for them to make a definitive decision here.

As I already said, there isn’t anything upcoming that I’m really excited about. I guess I’m at least curious about these two games. New World will release in May 2020, so I assume we’ll be seeing and hearing much more about the game before then. I am most interested in its housing system and how PvP battles will happen. Because yes, I do like PvP! Just not in the open world as a gankfest. Pantheon could be interesting, because of the more traditional classes and combat, but I would actually really love to play a game with good housing.


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