Screenshot Saturday: Dervish in Arkovian Undercity

Grim Dawn_Ritualist Level 35

After months of being much better, my hand decided to get a lot worse again today. I had really wanted to spend the evening gaming, though. Mouse and keyboard doesn’t work at all when my hand is like that. But the gamepad works! So, there’s either Civilization VI or Grim Dawn as these two games work best with the Steam Controller (or rather, I can memorize the keybinds best with these two games).

My dervish is still behind my ritualist. I switched to dervish because following my skeleton minions while not being required to do anything was too boring. I must say, though, that being on my own also gets a tiny bit lonely. The dervish will get some kind of fighting pet later on, but that’ll take some time to reach these skill points. The build I chose also doesn’t put a lot of points in that skill, so I’m not sure how viable it’ll be. I would link to the build, but since they changed the forums a while ago, I haven’t been able to find the post anymore. I’m sticking to the build for the time being, as I saved that one and I have already started working towards it. The skill in question is “Summon Guardian of Empyrion” and a lot of dervish builds have three or four points spent there.

I currently have an item which sometimes summons a… hound? Something like this. What I really love about it is that it works kind of like a tank and pulls the attention of the mobs off of me. Very handy when there’s a hard-hitting boss! You can see it in the posting. The hound is below the “(716/716)”.

So, I would have loved to level my character in ESO or maybe one in WoW Classic. But levelling my dervish in Grim Dawn is also nice. Lonely, but nice!