Secret Blogger Santa


This post is part of the Secret Blogger Santa!-Community Event.

I’ve been given the blogger Luana (bookstormgirl).

The first part of the Secret Blogger Santa asks me to tell you a bit about the blogger I’ve been assigned. I had actually never seen or read her blog before, but I quite enjoyed reading through some posts. She also linked to her goodreads profile – and here you can now imagine me sitting in front of my PC wondering whether I should be talking about her in third person when she’s very likely going to read this. It feels a bit weird. So, hello Luana! I liked taking a look at your goodreads profile. We’ve got Harry Potter in common, at least, and I saw Ender’s game on your list. I got that book as a gift quite some time ago and just… forgot to continue reading it. It happens sometimes.

Since I don’t know Luana, it also feels weird introducing her and her blog here. Luckily for me, she has a post doing just that. I am a Ravenclaw with a hint of Slytherin, by the way (or the other way around, depends on how much I want to achieve my goal…).

The post I found most interesting was “Things that happen when you start blogging“:

I am definitely one of these “mind writers” and once I get home and have access to my PC again, I’ve usually forgotten what I wanted to write about – or I remember, but the way I write down my thoughts just doesn’t flow as nicely anymore as the perfectly laid out mind rant I had earlier.

I also agree with the conflicts of interest. In my case, it’s: Do I actually play the game or write about it, because there is never enough time to do both.

Number 6 is also an interesting one: Do you let your family and friends read your blog? In my case, my friends and my parents know about the blog. My parents heard about it the first time when I’d gotten invited to Brighton, UK, by ArenaNet. But I never actually told them the URL. Since their English isn’t that good anyway, they wouldn’t be able to read it and my father would most certainly not be interested in reading any of it. Some friends know the blog, but I don’t think many read it… But here it is: I am very careful about who gets the URL (and thus, my internet name) and who doesn’t. Only my geeky friends are allowed in. The others sometimes don’t even know I play video games or I’ve just mentioned it without going into any details.

Number 7 (trying to come up with ideas for your blog) and 8 (freaking out when you have an idea and can’t write fast enough) in her list are certainly issues I’ve been struggling with more often than not. And last but not least, her number 11: You have lots of fun! – Yes, thankfully. Because if you don’t, you should seriously ask yourself why you’re still blogging if it isn’t for the fun!

Now, on to the second part of this blog post, the fictional gift I give to Luana: I know, I know, you’re not supposed to gift pets. That’s a bad thing to do as animals need a lot of care and it has to be a conscious decision for said pet by the future owner. However, it’s a fictional pet, so let me get away with it just once! My gift is a pocket dragon! – I read she doesn’t have a basement, so I assume there is no dungeon either and no castle with little towers for the dragon to curl around on. A pocket dragon it is then. It’s a dragon because – well, I assume Luana likes dragons. Also, it’s small, so it can go with her everywhere as it can hide in pockets. Hence, the name after all. And if somebody asks for fire so they can light up a cigarette, it’s got you covered. And his name is Ferdinand. Although I’m not sure he listens to any name at all. He’s a bit stubborn, you see? But still, it is his name, after all. So, go on and name it whatever you want if you don’t like Ferdinand. Just don’t let him know you renamed him and you should be fine.





  1. “I am very careful about who gets the URL (and thus, my internet name) and who doesn’t. Only my geeky friends are allowed in. The others sometimes don’t even know I play video games or I’ve just mentioned it without going into any details.”

    That’s pretty much my handle on it too. I keep a fairly clear separation between most of my RL and Online (past the borders of Facebook). Only those already in my gaming circle or close to it get to bridge the gap between the two.

    Great post, and Merry Christmas, P! Hope you have a great break. :)

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  2. Can I just say… This is the most fitting gift ever, and I love Ferdinand 😂 Thank you so much for this post! It was really fun, and I can now shove Ender’s Game in your face to make you read it. I mean… Something along those lines, but nicer 😁 Merry Christmas!!


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