2019 in screenshots

I’ve previously done this in 2015 and wanted to do it again this year, because it seems like a fun thing to recapture the gaming year this way. It may be a bit early as the year isn’t over yet, but I don’t know how much time I’m going to have later this month, so here we go.

January 2019 started out slow. It started with me finally receiving the most expensive board game I ever supported on Kickstarter. It was worth every cent, thankfully! We haven’t been playing the game often since we got it, which is a shame. But that’s not the game’s fault. It’s just us lacking time and often times sitting down in front of the PC instead of preparing a board game… I was mostly playing LotRO on the legendary server at that time.

More interesting is the blog post about which games I wanted to play in 2019 – let’s see: I did play Civ VI again with its expansion and in fact, I started a new game just a few days ago! I did not get back into Trove, but it’s still on my “want to play it again”-list. I didn’t play Life is Strange 2 or Hand of Fate 2. I also did not return to Planet Coaster, but instead played Jurassic World Evolution and Planet Zoo. Different games, same developer.

In February 2019, I noted that my most-loved genre is city-building games. This still holds true. I also got Foundation and took a look at it. I haven’t touched it in months, but not because it’s not good. I want to wait now until its official release and then dive into it.

March 2019 – This very blog here, Nerdy Bookahs, turned 8 years old in March. Also, at the end of March, Tropico 6 released and I played it quite a lot then.

In April 2019, we had to say goodbye to Atlas Reactor, as gamigo decided to shut down the game. It didn’t close until June, but the announcement came in April. I still think it was a really good game and don’t really understand why it didn’t have more players. I also shared a recipe for couscous chili. It was April, after all!

May 2019 was pretty quiet on my end. I’d had an operation and had to deal with work-related stuff (I quit my job shortly after that). Other than that, I have to admit, I don’t even remember what I was playing at the time. Here on the blog, my highlight was probably the house I bought in ESO. I still haven’t done much at all with that…

In June 2019, we had summer sales. It was also after I bought and played Equilinox, Unheard and Cultist Simulator. But I did play a lot of Equilinox. It’s one of the indie games that I can’t recommend often enough! Despite the simple graphics, it’s a really fun game with lots of hours to play. Both Islanders and Mad Tower Tycoon ended up in my Steam library during the sale and I don’t regret these purchases at all!

July 2019 – Islanders got a first impressions look from me. I have since stopped playing the game, but not because I stopped liking it. It’s a fun little game that I played a lot until it was too much. So it’s on a break now, but I am sure I’m going to play it again once in a while. No regrets there either.

August 2019 has been the busiest month for this blog thanks to Blaugust. I really enjoy participating in this because it makes me put in more effort again. It’s not that I don’t like blogging anymore. I just often lack ideas. But when you’re required to post 30 blog posts, then you just ignore your inner editor and publish blog posts that you wouldn’t have otherwise. In most cases, I also think the posts turned out okay. There’s only been a handful with just a few lazy screenshots to fill the space. I also just spotted the blog post “This better be worth it” and shame on me, but I did forget about Warhammer 40k: Inquisitor Martyr again. So far, it’s obviously not been worth it. Oh, and WoW Classic launched.

In September 2019, we learned that the next LotRO expansion would feature female dwarves. They don’t get any extra options other than you being able to check “female”. Beards, hairstyles, colours, etc. are all identical to the male dwarves. I also fell in love with Pizza Connection 3. My ferret-like attention span has already made me forget about the game again and go for greener pastures, but I did have a lot of fun in the game and I’m pretty sure I’m going to finish playing through the missions at some point. Oh, and there was still WoW Classic.

October 2019 – We learned that several people left ArenaNet to start their own company, ManaWorks. There was also the SPIEL Essen coming up, a German convention for board games. I actually did have the available livestreams running in the background while writing my dissertation.

November 2019 was busier again here in this blog thanks to “IntPiPoMo” where the goal was to publish 50 pictures during the month. Planet Zoo had launched and I played it quite a lot – until some bugs annoyed me too much and I decided to return to Jurassic World Evolution and wait for more bug fix patches. In the background, there was also WoW Classic, of course.

December 2019 isn’t over yet, but I can already tell that it’s not going to be too exciting gaming-wise. I’ve started a new job and am not playing much during the week. I will have to work on my dissertation on weekends now, but thankfully, it doesn’t require that much attention from me at the moment. I’m mostly levelling my warlock in WoW Classic and am back in Jurassic World Evolution (still taking a break from Planet Zoo to give them time to fix issues and bugs). Once we’re away visiting family over Christmas, our gaming will be offline with board games and for me at least, I’ll go back to older games that my laptop can run… WoW Classic, for example. ;)

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