Lotro’s Yule Festival

I think this is the first of the games I’m playing that do seasonal events to start the winter/Christmas event. There is one thing I always like about LotRO: It feels that I earn enough tokens in a relatively short time to get all the rewards that I want. Maybe that’s because there aren’t many, or because I’m too picky, or because the rewards are really cheap. I don’t know which is the main reason, but it always motivates me to participate. Also, LotRO’s Yule Festival is among my favourites together with Guild Wars 2 (mostly because of the Bell Choir mini game!).

I am not even going to try to give you an overview of the festival or even a guide on how to do stuff. I don’t know enough to do so. However, even if I did, there is no need for that because FibroJedi, as always, does an amazing job in keeping the LotRO festival events pages updated. Head over there to read all you need to know about this year’s Yule Festival!

Standing Stone Games recently changed the content of the Hobbit presents and so it just seems fitting that they added seasonal gifts as well. You have a chance of getting a pet for the time of the Yule Festival. My runekeeper on the legendary server was super lucky and got herself a pig (officially called the Winter Celebration Pig)! Too bad it’s only cosmetic and doesn’t actually carry anything for you. But it certainly looks nice and useful.