Screenshot Saturday: Dracorex

I’ve started my new job this past week, so there wasn’t much time for gaming. In the evenings, I wasn’t in the mood for anything that needed much of my attention or any fast reflexes. So I’ve been playing Jurassic World Evolution again. Of course, once the carnivores escape, the game does require some fast reactions or there’s a lot less guests in your park and a lot of happy and full dinosaurs. ;)

This one, the Dracorex, has been very peaceful, though. It is also an herbivore. I actually don’t know if they would kill and eat humans or just kill them. But I guess it doesn’t make much of a difference.


  1. loved the screenshot i personally play this game to and i love the t rex


    1. I think I had one at some point, but I restarted after taking a longer break from the game. Now I can’t wait to get one again!


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