Screenshot Saturday: New dervish

I didn’t think ArenaNet would run sales for Guild Wars on Black Friday, but they did. So I bought a new character slot to play a new dervish on my main account. I do have two other accounts, but I never actively played on them. I like being able to send my new character whatever she needs – mostly platinum her having access to all the crafting materials. 

I’m terrible with names when you’re forced to add a second one to your character. I’ve now named her after my newest The Dark Eye P&P character, Ysaria Gerolinde. No last name, just two names. I may get to play her a bit more during Christmas break. At least, my non-gaming laptop is capable of running Guild Wars.

Also, this is possibly the last blog post this month – so I’m ending IntPiPoMo 2019 with 53 screenshots in total (plus a few more that I’ve used before and a few others from before I officially joined – I didn’t count these).

(IntPiPoMo count: 53 in total)



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