Five games for a year

Naithin shared this writing prompt on the Blaugust Discord channel recently which, I admit, I only saw because I read Rakuno’s answer. It’s a fun one to think about, so I’m definitely adding my own thoughts! The question is simple enough:

You can only pick 5 games to play for an entire year. What would they be?

There are some more rules which I’m sharing as well:

  1. The consequence for playing a 6th title?
    Playing anything outside of your pre-selected five titles will result in any gaming device you touch spontaneously combusting. (Ooooh, Spooky! Halloween ya’ll!)
  2. Selections aren’t limited to a single platform
    So if you wish to select some Switch titles, some PC, some PS4 etc — this is OK.
  3. All DLC for a given game is fine and included within your pick
    As the original tweet, all DLC for a game included. I will further specify, that this could be unreleased DLC at the time of making your selection.
  4. Mods (even Total Conversions) are also OK
    But they can’t rely on the assets of a game you haven’t selected to work. (e.g., The Skyrim TCs for Morrowind and Oblivion require the original assets.)
  5. For a series of games, each entry is an individual selection.
    If you want Dark Souls I, II and III — that’s three of your five picks.

I’m going through my favourite game genres and will pick one for each, so I’d have something to play for every game-mood that I can be in. With one exception: Games that have no replay value. I have a few games like “Unheard” or “Her Story“. You play through it once to experience the story but that’s it then. Sure, some play through the game again if it has different endings, but other than that, you’re done after a short amount of time (relatively speaking).

My first choice would be an MMO. While I’ve been playing a lot of WoW Classic recently, if I were allowed to play only one of them, it would not be that one. I’d want something fresh and new. So my choice is Elder Scrolls Online! It gives me this nice RPG feeling while tossing me into a world with other players. The storylines are interesting enough to play through and the housing, while basic, is at least there! I would definitely need an MMO with some sort of housing to be happy. I also do not have a character at max level, so I feel that I have a lot of things left to explore in this MMO. More than enough for a year, at least.

Grim Dawn_Dervish combat

The second choice would have to be an ARPG. Diablo 2 would be a fun one as I never played through it. I think I got into the second Act… I remember bookahnerk buying me the game because I wanted to play something RPGy but my PC and laptop back then were just barely good enough to actually use it for Word documents while having AIM and Winamp running (yes, we’re old). So, Diablo 2 was perfect – only that it was replaced by World of Warcraft and a stronger PC shortly afterwards. Anyway, I digress. I would want something more modern – when speaking about the UI etc. The gameplay is still perfect if you ask me! So, I’d choose Grim Dawn instead. I haven’t played through that one yet, but I really want to! And it’s got a lot of interesting classes to choose from which make playing through the areas again fun. At the moment, I would say it’s the best ARPG on the market for me.

Tropico 6

The third game would have to be a management-city builder game… anything from that genre. These games are perfect when you just want to relax after a stressful or hectic day. When I look at the hours played for my Steam games, at the top there’s Civilization VI (okay, not a city builder game), Tropico 4, Prison Architect, Two Point Hospital and Tropico 5. It would be neither of these! They are all obviously great and fun to play, but I have so many hours played already, I wouldn’t actually want to “waste” a spot on my list to a game that I know so well already. My choice would be Tropico 6. I know it’s a game I should love, but I’ve just always forgotten about it recently when choosing a game for the evening. If I had to pick five games only, this one would be on my list and it’d easily push past Tropico 5, at least. Maybe even past Tropico 4, but that’s something I’d have to find out then. And then there is Parkasaurus. This would be number 4. I love these kinds of games too much to only have one on the list. Also, Parkasaurus is in Early Access and they’re actively developing the game. I saw them mention the breeding feature and I’d definitely not want to miss that update and playing with it!

This leaves one more game. The last game I bought (as a reward for powering through the discussion chapter of my thesis) was One Deck Dungeon. It’s still got that “new and shiny” coat on it and I think it’s a great game for putting lots and lots of hours into. At the same time, it’s different enough from the other games to add variety to my gaming time. Actually – no, scratch that title from the list. This game is originally a board game. I could just buy that one and then circumvent the game limit that way. So, I now need another fifth one. I didn’t think this would be so difficult. There are many good games, but are they good enough to be on my “only five” list?

I’m just going with Torchlight Frontiers. Another game that is still in development, but one where I am actually not certain at all whether I’ll like the final product. But having to miss playing the alpha and trying the game out… that’d be quite sad, actually. I like poking my head in every now and then to see what’s changed! Also, I could finally make up my mind about whether I like it or not. And from yesterday’s announcement of Diablo 4, it didn’t sound as if it was coming out any time soon, so it wouldn’t be anything I could put on this list here.






  1. I think of everyone who has responded so far — you’ve been the most brave with inclusions of new (or new-ish) to you titles. Most everyone else so far (including myself) have gone with very safe bets.

    Overall, I like the mix you have of old and new. :D

    I’m still not sure about Torchlight: Frontiers, but I can say it’s unlikely you’d be disappointed with the Grim Dawn inclusion on the ARPG front. Having said that, I still haven’t touched the last xpac yet!


    1. Grim Dawn is a very safe bet on that list. :p But I think if I added only safe bets, it’d also be boring. So Torchlight Frontiers and Parkasaurus is to have something fresh once in a while. ;)

      I played some Torchlight Frontiers earlier today after writing this blog post – and I’m still not sure I like it. I did enjoy playing the game, but… well… Grim Dawn just feels better and gives me more of the ARPG-feeling that I want. I don’t even know why that is.

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