Fresh air in Guild Wars 2

While I’m spending most of my time playing WoW Classic at the moment, I did not miss that Guild Wars 2 got a content update for the living story recently. Before I got into the game to check out the new episode, I headed to Reddit to see whether others were positive or negative about it. Since I don’t really enjoy the living story anyway, and can’t even properly play the instanced content most of the time due to my hand issues (thank you, chronic pain), I don’t mind spoilers. In fact, I rely on spoilers to experience the story that I can otherwise not see for myself. So I usually watch it on YouTube to catch up with what’s going on.

Anyway, I don’t remember if it was on Reddit, Twitter or the official forums, but I saw lots of positive comments! The usual reactions are that while the content is good, it’s played through much too fast and then there’s waiting for the next story bit to come. And usually, players are then bickering over there being lots of achievements to grab and the map to complete and that this is enough content to get through anyway. Others bicker back (is that an expression?)… retort that getting all achievements and completing maps is too much of a grind at which point the fight deters to what is grind and what’s fun gameplay – and you get my drift. But: There wasn’t any of that – or not as easily visible this time! Instead, there were lots of positive comments.

On top of that, they also said that the new map wasn’t focused on combat and had lots of fun actitivies instead. Now that is something I had to check out for myself! I can play the game just fine with the action camera mode and if I don’t need to move out of circles, blobs, stripes and whatnot and dodge as soon as I can. Unfortunately, then another health issue came up (an eye injury that’s healed properly by now and which thankfully did not cause any damage to my eyesight!), and I haven’t been playing much at all lately – other than Pizza Connection 3 or Two Point Hospital, as these are much easier on the eyes with less movement.

And now another health issue came up which caused me to be unable to focus on much else other than the pain I’m in. So I’ve had this post sitting here for a while, but it’s still lacking the one thing I actually wanted to point out: How great and fun this new map is and that I haven’t enjoyed a new map that much in years. As always, the new zone looks amazing, so I wanted to include lots of nice screenshots.




  1. I’m glad you’re having fun in the new zone! I love that it isn’t combat based and you don’t have to do the whole story to be able to enjoy it. I hope your health problems will be resolved and you can game normally again.

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    1. Oh yes, definitely. It was about time we got something not focused on combat if you ask me. I was actually surprised when I walked around to take the screenshots and heard weird sounds… I’d run into a group of hostile animals that attacked me. But with all the areas that don’t have any hostile NPCs, I just didn’t expect any to be there.


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