Screenshot Saturday: Aven Colony

Aven Colony has been on my wishlist for a very long time already. Whenever it was on sale, I would take a look and then decide that I didn’t need it. Not even for the very cheap price. Reviews are also mixed, so it didn’t seem like that great a deal and I figured my money would probably be spent better on a different game.

So, it came on sale again a few days ago. I decided that I would take a final look at it: I’d either buy it or finally remove it from my wishlist. I also took a closer look at the reviews this time. Yes, they’re mixed, but why is that? The game is no longer in development, apparently. This isn’t a big deal for me. I remember – years ago – that games came out on CDs. You could probably get a patch online, but that was it. Some games received expansions, others just sequels. But we did not expect game development to continue – for free even. Other reviews say that the game is too shallow and too easy. That there weren’t any real challenges and not that many buildings. Now these are points that I care about. I don’t want my city-building game to be too complex, because I like playing for a bit, then playing something else and returning to the same settlement months later. I don’t really like having to restart all the time in order to get back into the game. But I do want some good entertainment and a bit of a challenge as well.

Since the game was on sale (including the DLC, I paid 7 €), my ratio is that I need to get 7 hours of enjoyment for it to be a good deal for me. I will surely get 7 hours of gametime from a city-builder, right? Possibly a lot more than that! So, I finally bought it.

So far, I guess the critics were right. This game is very easy and while it looks as if there are a lot of buildings to choose from, it’s often one building with different tiers that you can choose to build (or you build the lowest tier and later upgrade the building if you want). But it’s okay. There haven’t been any bugs and it is very relaxing to play and very nice to look at! Also, I’ve only started playing the game. I saw some buildings to handle illnesses etc., but I’m only in the third mission (the first two were very basic tutorials showing you how to move the camera and place buildings) and there are more missions to play. Altogether, I think the game is well worth the 7 €! I would probably be disappointed if I had gotten it for its full price (33 € with the DLC), but not at the reduced price and knowing it’s not a game that you sink hundreds of hours into.


  1. I may not have done the speediest playthrough ever, but I got about 22 hours without finishing the last scenario (no real reason, I just wandered off), but that included having to replay the timed level three or four times.


    1. A timed one? Ugh. I’m definitely not a fan of timed missions. But thanks for the warning! :p

      22 hours is certainly enough entertainment for the sale price.


      1. Yeah, I also was not a fan of that level! None of the rest were crazy hard, although their is more to manage as new mechanics pop up. I liked Aven Colony overall.


        1. Oh, that’s good to hear! :) I usually don’t fall for a game because it looks pretty, but it was one selling point this time. It just is nice to look at your colony.
          Then again, I guess it’s also a bit sad to see the negative reviews because overall, it seems the game has potential, but it won’t live up to it.


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