Screenshot Saturday: Pizza Connection 3

A couple of weeks ago, we got all three Pizza Connection games in the GoG version from a PC magazine subscription. Since it’s DRM-free, bookahnerk and I didn’t even have to fight for who gets the games. And if we had, then I would have won, because I installed them first. :p

The third Pizza Connection game also got the worst reviews. I don’t know why yet, because I haven’t encountered any bugs and have found the game reasonably difficult to play. But since I am completely new to the franchise, maybe that’s why I don’t see what’s wrong with it. A lot of reviews seem to compare the game to its predecessors.

I tried to play Pizza Connection 1 first, but it is very very old and all I saw was a blurry little image that I could click on to zoom in – the map, that is. But I had no idea what to do or how to even start the game properly other than staring at the map.

I am having a great time playing this game so far. I moved on from Rome to Paris and got to rent a parking space for my pizza cart next to the Eiffel tower. The only downside is that I’m constantly craving pizza… ;)