Lotro’s next expansion: Minas Morgul

We already knew (or could take a well-educated guess) that the next expansion would include the Stout-Axe dwarves which allow you to check “female” or “male” essentially giving us female dwarves. They don’t have any other options than the male ones, so they will be physically identical – and thus, as one would expect, nobody can distinguish male from female dwarves.

I could take a very quick look at the character creation when it was up on the public test realm. If you prepurchase the expansion, Minas Morgul, you get to play a Stout-Axe dwarf right away, apparently.

Minas Morgul will probably launch on October 29. The prepurchase-website has a disclaimer saying in case of a delay, the prepurchase items will be delivered by the end of November. So I guess they’re hoping for the end of October, but it’s not set in stone yet.

Lotro female Stout-Axe dwarf

There is also a FAQ available. The very first question is whether you can buy the expansion with Lotro points – and you can! In March 2020. So basically, you need to wait half a year in order to buy it that way. Since I’ve got a lifetime account with more Lotro points than I care to spend, I am going to wait and get the expansion that way. But to be honest, I am not playing on the live server anymore. When I log in, it’s only on the legendary server nowadays with my guardian. So I’m not missing out on anything here.

Still, I like seeing how regularly Lotro gets new updates and content!

What do you think?

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