Screenshot Saturday: Abandoned…

The Parkasaurus developers have added the first three missions to the game to test and play through. I did not like the first one too much. It is well done, but there wasn’t much building space. I get that this is the challenge, of course. And I did enjoy playing it. It’s just not my favourite kind of mission content.

The second mission I played, Abandoned, is the best of the three if you ask me (and it has lots of building space!). I read the description: “We have found an abandoned dinosaur farm. The world is horrified!…”

My little dinosaur-loving heart was certainly horrified as well when I had started the mission and saw the condition the park was in! They didn’t even have food in there and since these particular dinosaurs live in herds, they were lonely, too.

My only criticism would be that the mission was too short. I felt that I had just started to settle in when the mission was already successful and finished. But there were dinosaurs without mates! The exhibits were too small and didn’t have enough biodiversity yet! Thankfully, you can continue playing once you’ve achieved the mission’s goals. Still, it was too short!