Still WoWing

I have settled on a main in WoW with my warlock, but the hunter, priest and shaman are closely following. Since I want to play priest as a disc healer, just as I used to do in the “good old days”, they’re not really a competition. Yes, they, because I have a female dwarf priest to rediscover the Alliance side and an undead priest which I am going to play as a duo with bookahnerk. Both will primarily see the dungeons, so they will be more like side projects.

My main used to be a frost mage and I thought a lot had changed from classic to BC and that I couldn’t possibly want to play a mage anymore. Add to that the fact that there are no draenei to play and my interest really was rather small. But I had the idea to at least make a mage character on my realm. Because, why not? It feels more complete this way.

I already have two undeads and I didn’t feel like getting a third. But I also already have a female troll, my hunter. And while I love the female trolls, there are only a couple of options for their looks that I want.

So here we go, Geisar, the troll mage! He is also the only male character I have so far.

I’ve got to say, I really enjoy the old school experience. The same goes for Lord of the Rings Online, by the way. Yes, it is old-fashioned to have the click-targeting combat and quest hubs. You enter a village, you pick up quests (with an unreasonable amount of “kill x of y for z reason”), you leave the village, you go in one direction and do a couple of these quests and then usually return to empty your bags, hand in some quests, get some follow-ups, rinse and repeat until it’s time for the next quest hub.

Take Elder Scrolls Online as an example for a much more modern approach. The combat system is very different and much more action-focused. Yes, I can have up to 25 quests (although 7 are reserved for my crafting dailies) and my quest log is usually full. But I can hardly ever focus on more than one quest at a time. ESO has voiced quests which means that I get to see something like a cut scene with a fixed camera while the NPC is telling me what’s happening and where they need my help and I get a few different options of reacting like asking for more background information. At that point, it would just feel wrong to go and do different quests. I am too involved with this one quest and it does feel like a storyline that I’m playing. Sometimes, quest givers follow me and I can hand in the quest closer to where I finished it instead of where I picked it up. This, too, leads to focusing on one story instead of doing several quests at once.

But sometimes, I don’t feel like focusing on a story and I just want to do mindless quests that give me XP in the end. Actually, most of the time I feel like that. WoW also has storylines, of course. But I already know them anyway. It just feels like the perfect game at the moment when I’m dealing with some health issues again and just want to relax in the evening after working on my dissertation all day.

We’ll see which of my characters will make it to 60 first – or if any of them ever reaches 60 before I lose interest again. Who knows… :)