Real Neat Blogger Awards – from Indiecator

I was tagged and asked to answer a few questions from Indiecator this time.

Which one of your posts was the most fun to write? Why?

Definitely the underwear fashion show! It’s a bit silly to care about the kind of underwear your MMO characters are wearing, but I also found it quite fascinating that yes, the game designers had taken some time to design these pieces and make them different for specific classes or races.

GW2 male asura in underwear

Do you like milk and sugar in your tea or coffee?

Black. Just pure plain black. There’s actually a story behind this… well, two. But who’s counting. I used to love cappuccino – and because people always ask: I have no intolerance for milk. I can drink milk just fine. Or cocoa. But at some point, whenever I had warm milk in my coffee (and try having cold milk in a hot cup of coffee…), my stomach got really upset with me. I cannot stand the taste of warm milk in coffee anymore! Iced coffee is fine. So I had to switch from cappuccino to coffee. But I still had sugar in it. Cue a job with a weird secretary and our sugar being in the secretary’s office. My colleague always only drank black coffee and she avoided the office as well when she could. That was quite a dilemma… going in there to get some sugar… or just having plain black coffee myself. I decided the sugar wasn’t worth it and switched to pure black coffee. It took me maybe two or three cups and I never went back to not even wanting sugar in my coffee again. To be honest, I think sugar and milk in my hot coffee are digusting! The only downside: You can taste when the coffee is a bad brand… the worst I ever had was an espresso from Starbucks (yes, yes, I know… who orders espresso at Starbuck’s?). It was more sour than a lemon!

Do you prefer Dogs or Cats?

Take a guess.

What Harry Potter house are you in? (I’m a hufflepuff btw!)

Slytherclaw. I’ve been known for my ambition and my will to get what I want and I may be a bit too pragmatic sometimes. But most of the time, this is all focused on academic achievements. So I’m probably rather a very ambitious Ravenclaw.

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Some of my mum’s dishes (she can’t read that here, so it’s okayish to say that, right?)? But I guess trying out kangaroo and crocodile meat. I’m a picky eater and I outright refuse to eat things that I find weird. On the other hand, I’ve heard that people find it weird to eat Mettbrötchen (raw minced pork meat on a bread bun, preferrably with raw onions and some mustard) and I’m a huge fan of it (when bought from a butchery, of course, so I know the meat is fresh).

The God of Art has elected you to help him with a difficult questions. You have to either delete one of your favourite shows/movies/games for ever or create another sequel/part/etc. of your least favourite show/movie/game! What do you do and what do you chose?

I’d definitely choose the least favourite one and make a sequel. Removing something that’s really really good means you can’t share it with others and enjoy it together with them. Having something that’s already terrible and maybe even improve it, if just a tiny little bit, sounds like a good deal. In the worst case, it’s still bad. :p

What’s your favourite (movie/show/game-)antagonist?

Good question. I was tempted to say Professor Snape, mostly because I loved Alan Rickman as an actor, but he’s not really an antagonist, is he? Oh, bookahnerk named a good one and I agree: Moriarty – though we weren’t talking about the same one. ;) I quite liked the Moriarty from Elementary, played by Natalie Dormer.

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