Paeroka’s Next Top Warlock

I know I previously claimed that my undead warlock in retail World of Warcraft never reached max level before Burning Crusade came out. But that’s not true. She was actually my first level 60 character. I just never raided with her and when Burning Crusade came, I switched servers and played on a PvE server with a draenei mage and then a night elf druid (no other way to play a druid on Alliance side back then…).

So the truth is, my little warlock was my first love! And I was sure I’d want to play her again now in WoW Classic. But would I want to play her as my main? Shouldn’t I do things differently this time? I guess I don’t really need a main, do I? But while I’m fine with being a slow leveller and taking my time levelling other characters, I do want one, even if only so there’s one character that earns a bit more gold through questing and dropped items than the other ones. I know I don’t want to raid again (several reasons, but most of all, not enough time, my hand issues and not enough time… :p). This leaves me with more flexible class choices as I don’t need to see whether I can fill a gap in which class is needed. Still, finding a main character is difficult for me… even 7 years after launch, I still don’t have a main in Guild Wars 2. My warrior and my mesmer each take turns for the top spot. One has 100 % world exploration, the other has more ascended items. One has more living story of this season, the other has done more of that season. None of them have a legendary item (I’ve also never dropped a precursor weapon…), though.

For WoW, I knew I did not want to recreate the original experience. I wanted to have characters that look a bit different than the ones I played back then, that have a different name or just play a class I didn’t play back then.

I have always played both Alliance and Horde, by the way. I started with Alliance where I levelled my dwarf priest as disc spec, so I could heal in dungeons whenever I wanted to. To this day, I still remember the lovely player who whispered me in Westfall telling me to please reroll my priest because female dwarves “are so ugly”. Lovely, lovely person. It made me like my dwarf even more, because she’s special – not because or despite her looks, but because I then realized that almost nobody played female dwarves! I like playing rarer combinations. On Horde side, I levelled the aforementioned warlock and she was my main all through the vanilla experience. Only with Burning Crusade, she got replaced by my draenei mage. I liked the changes they’d made to the frost spec and I absolutely love the draenei race. But no draenei in vanilla, so that option is out.

So, cue almost two weeks post launch. I certainly changed a lot around. My gnome warlock isn’t male, but female! Obviously, she also has a different name. Then I’ve got my female dwarf priest who may have different jewellery, but everything else is identical (and here I also need to point out how much I love having the old classic character models back! I don’t mind an overhaul, but the new look changes her personality if you ask me – and her hair isn’t red anymore! – see screenshot above). And I’ve got my undead warlock who looks exactly like my vanilla warlock. With the same name as well! And then there is my troll hunter. She is completely different: She has red instead of pink hair! The tusks may be different as well, but I don’t see these anyway when playing her. I got her a boar instead of a raptor – only to tame a raptor two levels later. But it was going to be a red raptor instead of the beige… okay, I got the beige one, after all. But he’d get a different name… on second thought, why… I liked the first one. So basically, my hunter has red hair this time! My orc shaman is brand-new, though. I think I never played one in classic and the one I played later was a resto shaman for healing in dungeons (and a draenei…). My orc shaman is enhancement, just to get something different than the ranged classes.

Other than the shaman, it’s exactly like it was in vanilla. I have my dwarf priest on Alliance side that I will slowly play a bit here and there to get her ready for levelling through dungeons. She’s on the fullest German PvE server, though, and I don’t like spending my evening waiting in queues when my Horde server doesn’t have one. This takes the priest out of the contest.

For a while, I couldn’t decide… troll hunter, orc shaman or undead warlock. All three are level 10+ now. And I knew I wanted to do things differently. This would put the shaman on the top spot. But the totems will be annoying with the orc shaman. And the short buffs. I really like this class, but… well, classic isn’t about convenience. So that actually gives her spot no. 3. Two contenders were still up. My troll hunter who has red hair and possibly different tusks – or my undead warlock who’s exactly the same. But my warlock comes with the imp Belgup (my retail’s imp’s name is Belyap) and the voidwalker Mezzmoth. Who could say no to such lovely little demons?

So basically, I’m now doing exactly the same as I did so many years ago. My warlock even has the same professions (mining and tailoring). Only one huge difference remains: I am playing on a PvE server. For once, I can just enjoy the levelling experience and don’t have to engage in any PvP unless I want to (defending Crossroads, for example). That’s enough of a change within 14 years, right?


  1. Hehehe! This could be me! I’m playing a Dwarf Hunter and a Gnome Warlock, just like did when I first played. AlthoughI did make the Gnome female ths time. Also I never really have “main” characters in any MMORPG, although by default, when I end up with one character that I enjoy playing at cap they kind of become a de facto main.

    Also, in GW2, after seven years playing up to six accounts between us for many thousands of hours, Mrs. Bhagpuss and I have had precisely one pre-cursor drop each. Mine was the pistol. Neither of us have ever made a Legendary nor had any desire to. Busy work of the least interesting kind.


    1. Hunter and warlock – yes, a very good choice. ;)

      The one at max level first being my main character is also how I choose or define it sometimes. After all, it’s apparently the class I liked playing for the longest time.

      I guess I would like to have a legendary weapon… sort of. But at the same time, as you say, it’s not interesting at all to get there and I couldn’t even choose one weapon because I’m alternating between characters and playstyles as well.


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