Screenshot Saturday: 7 years of GW2

Guild Wars 2

The first characters that were created during the headstart are celebrating their 7th birthday. Now my warrior is proudly wearing armor that’s worth more than 700 gold only because of the dyes applied (Abyssal Forest, Enameled Longevity and Bloodstone Indigo)!

Every character that reaches their 7th birthday receives a Victorious Dye Kit which lets you choose dyes from the Zhaitan Dye Kit, the Mordremoth Dye Kit, the Kralkatorrik Dye Kit or the Sacred Dye Kit. Although I’d advice against using them for the Zhaitan Dye Kits as these can be chosen from the Triumphant Dye Kit as well which you get on the characters’ 6th birthday. Well, unless you have no characters left to reach their 6th birthday and really want a dye from that kit (and don’t want to buy it from the Trading Post).

Other than posing for this picture, I’m not playing her at the moment. I returned to a low level human ranger and am playing through the human zones now.

And this is a screenshot of my Asura warrior back in August 2012. Before I used a Makeover Kit on her. She looked so cute and innocent back then…