Paeroka’s Ponderings: Why I stopped liking Guild Wars 2

Paeroka's Ponderings featured image for columnWhat to do when you’re actually just waiting for your nostalgia trip to start in World of Warcraft Classic? I thought I’d like to advance my guardian further into Mirkwood. But then I saw somebody tweet about their 7th anniversary gift in Guild Wars 2 and here I am, cleaning my bank, wondering which dye unlock to choose. And why is it that when you return to an MMO after not having played it in a while that you go and clean up your bank? Or is it just me?

So here I am, cleaning up the bank, wondering when I stopped liking Guild Wars 2. And I think I know now what happened. Season 1 seemed very rushed sometimes. Content in, content out. Bugs or balance issues didn’t get fixed, because the team already had the next content piece in the pipeline. It was basically a “develop to throw it away” mentality and that’s a shame! What I loved was the open world events. Something exciting happened somewhere in the world and you could go there and be a part of it. If only some parts hadn’t been in the game for just two weeks. The parts that were in for a month were much better. Maybe they should have extended it two one and two months instead.

GW2 Twisted Marionette

They now have mounts in the game and I get the feeling that both, the gliding that came with the first expansion and the mounts are always in the developers’ minds when making maps and the expansion maps, of course. You need to use these features quite a lot to navigate around. And that is something I find highly annoying… When I’m on the old maps, the ones from the base game, I still enjoy myself. Having the mount is a bonus for reaching areas that were annoying before, especially on your way to vistas. But I never get the feeling that I absolutely have to use a mount now. And I don’t need to find any air drafts in order to reach a point via gliding. Yes, it’s a nice feature, but once it becomes necessary to get somewhere, it annoys me.

I sometimes wonder whether I should just start a new character and play her or him through the base game again. But then I think: If you boost the character to level 80 instead, you’ll at least get mastery experience! Because I’m still lagging behind a lot in that regard. I don’t like the living story content updates at all. Well, the maps are okay, but not the instanced content. I am one of these people that experience disconnects within the instances and it’s highly annoying that there still aren’t (enough) checkpoints which means you have to play all the content again that you just did because you got disconnected in the middle of it. Also, I just greatly enjoy open world content and don’t really want all the instanced content. Well, maybe if we got henchmen to level and work with. That might be fun, like the ones you got in Guild Wars.

GW2 Guild Mission Day 1

Also, I loved the guild missions. Not every single one of them. But in general, I absolutely loved them! Especially the guild puzzles. Why did ArenaNet stop with them? Why did they get abandoned? It was so refreshing to do the rushes and the puzzles whose focus was not on combat, but on working together, getting organized, communicating to make sure everybody gets through! I wanted more of them. But yet again, this is another feature they started and then dropped.

There will be some kind of announcement on the future of the game on August 30. And shortly after that, a two week event to catch up in the expansions will start. So maybe we’re getting a new expansion or expansion-like content drop. Maybe they’ll just announce the next season with nothing special other than more content and the story continuing – but I don’t think they’d do such an announcement event if it was just “we’ll continue the story”. There has to be more, right?

So, I guess, I didn’t really stop liking Guild Wars 2, as I’m still obviously following it and I also still have it installed. But I do miss the basics of the game as it had content I preferred over what they’re doing now.


  1. I really enjoyed playing the base game of Guild Wars 2. I enjoyed the regions, the flexible play style and the dynamic events. I also use to jump on the Queensdale Champion Train and farm the notable bosses, before that got nerfed. But the changes to the environment that were introduced with Heart of Thorns, pretty much killed my interest. Navigating your way around became far more difficult, requiring gliding and jumping. I dislike twitch based skills and having my progress frustrated by such mechanics. So I left the game and never bought the third expansion. Haven’t played since. From time to time, I’m tempted to return but when I think about it, it would just mean replaying the oldest content in the game. So I never do.


    1. The maps that came with Path of Fire are much improved over Heart of Thorns. I still prefer the base game maps, but some parts of these maps are enjoyable and easy to navigate. And it reminds me of GW Nightfall, which was the main reason for purchasing it. :p But yeah, not comparable to the base game if you ask me.


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