Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (August 2019): Who wants my money?

Two Point Hospital Reception

Guild Wars 2 Bookahneer's GeekwatchTwo Point Hospital announced their next DLC, Close Encounters, a couple of days ago. It’ll release on August 29 and is currently on sale both at Steam and at Fanatical (no idea if it’s available anywhere else). I love this game and have sunk a lot of hours into it and pre-purchased the two previous DLCs as soon as they were announced. But with this one, I’m not sure. For one, I actually only play the game when a new DLC is out and I can rush through the maps. But the main reason is that this DLC seems too weird. Yeah, Two Point Hospital is silly and definitely not realistic. But even so, aliens in this game seem displaced.

Then there is a new game release: “Telling Lies“. I really enjoyed their previous game, Her Story, so I actually did want to buy this new one! However, there’s some controversy over the game’s pricing. It’s 16.79 € (I assume $19.99?), so it’s not that expensive. But the very exact game is $6.99 in the iOS store. According to the developer, the game is worth even more than $19.99, but they can’t charge more than $6.99 on the iOS store. It just seems weird to release the exact game on the same day, on two different platforms with such a big price difference. I am definitely waiting for reviews to come in before I decide if I want to buy it or not, but I may just be waiting for it to go on sale.

The Dark Eye: Book of Heroes has arrived on Steam – well, the page for the game, at least. All you English-speaking gamers can finally get information in English, not just in German or a weird mix of both languages as we could see during Ratcon. Release is Spring 2020, so that is still quite some time away. And we don’t know the price yet (not sure the developers even do at this point). Still, it’s on my wishlist together with the other two I’ve mentioned here.

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  1. I hate the price discrepancies between mobile & PC games. While they’re probably right that people won’t pay more than $7 for a mobile game, I think the dev should either forgo mobile sales if they think the game is worth more OR sacrifice the higher price for PC. It just feels too punitive when the difference is that high, and turns me off from buying the game entirely.

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    1. Yes, that’s how I feel as well. I get that the game is worth the PC game price, but it feels unfair. Especially as it is exactly the same game. If it was a light version, I’d have no issue with that. Or in other cases, where I bought a game on Steam and later found it in the Android store (Mini Metro, for example). I bought it there as well, because I like being able to play it when I’m outside and need to kill some time.

      Somebody commented in the Steam community forums and suggested that they could have added something to the PC version. The soundtrack, for example, or making of videos… anything to give it more substance.

      I also think that if they had waited a few months before putting it on iOS for that cheap, it would have had a better reaction as well.

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