WoW: Ding 120

My warlock finally hit level 120. In a previous post I accidentally claimed that she’d never hit level 60 back in vanilla which isn’t true. She was my first level 60, but I ran to a PvE server as fast as I could and that led to me forgetting about her more or less (I moved her to a PvE server and played her a bit over the years, but not as my main). When I got Battle for Azeroth, I boosted her to 110. Truth be told, I’m not impressed with the expansion or the way levelling has been in the past expansions. I am more a fan of the good old boring dull “static” quest hubs. As it is now, I start a few quests and then, I don’t even know… it feels that I can never find a good point to just stop playing as one quest leads to the next and sometimes, NPCs are urging me to go forward with them and we’re in the middle of nowhere and I think: If I go back to the city now and return tomorrow, I’ll have to ride out here again and fight my way through the NPCs to get here again… nah, better do it now.

In other words: I miss vanilla WoW. Although LotRO is the same in that regard… thankfully! I know that when I first experienced quest NPCs moving with me, more or less, that it was amazing because I didn’t always have to run back to the quest hub to hand in quests and get new ones. But now that it’s different, I don’t like this version either!

Anyway, I got one character to the current max level and that’s the end of my journey in Battle for Azeroth. I don’t think I’d continue with my sub if it wasn’t for classic WoW. I have no idea how long I’ll be subbed for that one either. But I did cancel ESO in the meantime (which runs out one day before Classic launches). It doesn’t make sense for me to sub for two MMOs at the same time. But I know that I will not be quitting ESO altogether, because it’s too much fun and I really enjoy the lore and the stories in that game!