Bookahneer’s Geekwatch (August 2019): Blaugust participants

Guild Wars 2 Bookahneer's GeekwatchDo you know when we had our last Bookahneer’s Geekwatch? In June 2018. And before that, in September 2016! I tend to forget it exists…

Less than two weeks of Blaugust left and I am still trying to catch up with all the participants this time. I have counted 68, including me. I did manage to add all of them into my Blaugust blogroll (on the right of this blog, just scroll down until you see the long list of links) and I have tried to read a few of them, but eh, time is too limited, unfortunately. So I figured I’d use this blog post to pick out a few of them, randomly (excluding myself here, obviously) and present them here. That is, the last blog post of five of them. I am not going to comment on their blog posts per se, but rather add my own thoughts to what they wrote about. Let’s see how this goes…

The first blog that came up is Random X. The latest blog post is Everquest 2 – Unfinished Stories Part 3. I don’t know much about EQ2 other than giving the game a try a few years ago and not staying. Random X posts two stories about some part of the EQ2 lore and links it to the current expansion. Now, I guess that is something that all MMOs have in common. Bits and pieces of lore, history and stories that are started and kind of seem to be dead ends until at some point, we get to hear more about that part of the lore with an expansion or just a new content patch.

The second blog is Bio Break from Syp. I guess I could have excluded the mentors from the random roll, but it’s more fun this way! Also, I’ll add another blog to the list, so we’ll have five participants here (and Syp). His last blog post is Retro Gaming: Majesty the Fantasy Kingdom Sim. I don’t think I know the game, but it looks… very retro! It came out in 2000, apparently. So yeah, definitely retro by now. Syp says that he plays through it about once a year. When I think about my games, I don’t think I have a game that I play through this often and that’s been on my PCs for a long time… the Tropico games usually get replaced by their successors. Although there is the Cultures game series and I start a map of one of them at least once a year. I never finish them, though.

Next up is AvvaN with TechJoy2Day. The latest blog post asks: What Do You Do When You Can’t Find a Topic You Want to Write About? – Good question there. Which blogger hasn’t had that one come up at some point? I have a ton of unfinished drafts and when I get the urge to write (or during Blaugust where I want to write more often), I open up these drafts and see if there’s anything I feel like finishing. Most of the time, I don’t. I also started a few drafts for posts to write during Blaugust which has been more successful as I have finished some of them. Others are still left with only some keywords and a couple of sentences. Most of all, some “first impression” pieces as they need more time than I can devote to during a month like Blaugust.

Rakuno has been an active long-time blogger, but since he didn’t sign up as mentor, I’ll also count him as a regular participant. I’ve read his latest blog post Of blog names and internet aliases a couple of days ago already. I actually like his blog’s name “Shards of Imagination”. If anything, I would say it’s a bit generic and doesn’t tell what the blog is about. Could be a poetry blog as well. Then again, I had no idea how to call my blog either. Only when talking to my husband did we come up with “Nerdy Bookahs” and only Guild Wars (2) players get what the “bookah” even means. Now when it comes to my alias, Paeroka, I am lucky as not many other people are using it. I’d be for option 3, by the way, Rakuno: Keep everything. Even if you’re not happy with it, it’s still part of the blog and your thoughts. I also like Mama Druid’s comment about switching the letters around until you find a suitable alternative that you like.

The 5th blog is Synthetic Dulips by Sita Dulip. Sadly, there is nothing published yet. But maybe later this month. Blaugust isn’t over yet, after all! The blog description says “Small-time blog featuring screenshots and other shenanigans in a video game setting. Or something.” – Now, I love screenshots, so I am hoping that we’ll get to see something here!

And the replacement for Syp is Time to Loot from Naithin. His latest blog post Hello Games is part of the Developer Appreciation Week. Hello Games are the developers of No Many’s Sky, a game that released with very negative reviews, but the developers kept improving the game up to the point that it’s now at “mixed” on Steam with 62 % positive reviews in the past 30 days. If you look at the review graph, you’ll see that it’s gotten a lot of bad reviews at launch and has consistently gotten more positive than negative reviews afterwards (more negatives in the past week due to a patch which came with bugs and crashes, apparently). But back to Naithing’s blog post: I agree with his conclusing that how these developers handled everything is well worth the appreciation. I have seen other devs just up and leave a game that came out to negative reviews. In some cases it was probably unavoidable because of a lack of money. But it still leaves a bad taste if you invested money in a game only to see it never get fixed. Godus (Wars) is one such example. Urban Empire is another. I have no idea what happened to the developers. But I know that a game that was super fun in the early stages and then got really bad in the later stages of a playthrough (I won the game simply by not doing anything at all!), never got any updates or fixes to really improve the game. We’d bought it pre-release for full price and it’s just so frustrating because it had a lot of potential.

I really like Blaugust as it encourages me to discover blogs I’ve never noticed before – or see new ones enter.

“Bookahneer’s Geekwatch” is the place where we take a look at all those little pieces of gaming news that have attracted our interest and/or talk about what’s recently been in the spotlight of other gaming blogs.


  1. I should have commented this earlier, not only to say thanks for the mention but also to clarify something to anyone curious.

    The reason I didn’t sign up as a mentor for Blaugust and probably won’t do it in any further editions of the event is because I don’t feel like I have anything to teach that someone else have already done and done better.

    I also feel like teaching is hard and I am terrible at it. So much that I’d rather not teach at all than have someone learn something wrong from me or be put off from something they’d probably enjoy if they got the right person showing them the ropes.

    Having said that I will still answer questions in the Blaugust discord if I feel like I can give a simple enough answer or add another point of view to an ongoing discussion. :)


    1. Yeah, I’d been wondering about that, but figured that you either didn’t have the time or, as you said, are too humble. :p But if you feel uncomfortable, then it’s definitely best not to fulfill that role. I’ve been in teaching positions much too often during my life, it’s natural for me by now. ;)

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