Cooking experiments: Noodles

For years, bookahnerk’s family went to this little Italian shop where the owners had a special recipe for pesto. They always bought their pesto there and sometimes even sent some to us. Now that we’re living in the same city, we could go there on our own and we have done so a few times. Unfortunately, the owners closed the shop now. They couldn’t find anybody who’d be willing to continue and they’ve gotten too old to continue themselves.

So I suggested that we should just all get together, experiment and find a good new recipe for ourselves! But what’s pesto without noodles, right? And if we’re already doing pesto ourselves, why not noodles as well? We bought a noodle machine and everything is ready for the family cooking event dinner tomorrow night. But since it’s a new machine, we wanted to see if it’s working properly tonight and did a little test drive with pasta dough. As you can see, it went very well! I can’t wait to make them again tomorrow night!

And hopefully, the pesto will be good, too. I went to a big farmer’s market this morning to get lots and lots of fresh basil. They even gave me a volume discount. It apparently doesn’t happen that often that somebody gets a bag full of basil (the picture shows only the top of the “bouquet” that I bought).

As you can see, there won’t be much time for gaming this weekend. But things like this are just amazing. I love cooking with others as it’s such a fun thing to do. Well, right after playing board games together…



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