Parkasaurus Early Access: Where is the game now?

Parkasaurus Press Kit image 1

Parakasure went into early access on Steam in September 2018 (I wrote about my first impressions soon after). Thankfully, the game’s developers are still here and they are active and slowly, but steadily improving the game!

Ever since Folk Tale, I have been more cautious when investing in early access games, though. Folk Tale’s developer used to stream regularly and work on the game actively and everything seemed to be going well until they suddenly disappeared. This is a risk you always have to consider when investing into an early access game. Even really active developers who put everything they have into the game can be forced to cancel development due to a lack of funds to finish their project. So that’s why I’m starting with such a negative comment before writing about Parkasaurus. The point to take away from here is: If you enjoy the game now, as it is, then all’s fine and good because you get your money’s worth. But if you think that the game should have feature X first or be finished, then wait until that and don’t buy it now!

But let’s get into Parkasaurus and what you get if you buy the game now! First things first, I rarely ever encounter any bugs. The game hasn’t crashed at all recently (if ever, I don’t remember it happening, at least).

My main criticism about Parkasaurus was that the game had been much too easy and fast. That is, you could earn lots of money in a very short amount of time. Science and hearts (the latter is gained by having happy dinosaurs) could also be achieved in a short time giving you unlocks of everything you desired. And what do you do when you’ve unlocked everything and you’re swimming in gold? Well, either get everything you ever wanted or quit the game because it’s boring. But this is no more! The developers have worked on the game’s balance and the speed of unlocking things. The most obvious change is the mini game of digging at exploration sites. It used to give you a lot of money. That is, you sent a team to an exploration site which cost nothing. Then you had a high chance of digging up gold. Now there are different tiers. The most shallow digging is free of charge, but it only gives you components for more dinosaurs. These components are needed in order to get dinosaurs for your park. The higher tiers, allowing for deeper digging, cost money upfront and have a chance of giving you more than just the dino parts. I got a few free hearts, 500 gold, hats for my dinosaurs to wear etc.

The game also features seasons which change the appearance of the trees etc. I am not sure what effect – if any – it has on visitor numbers. I also don’t know if different week days have an effect on visitor numbers or if these will have an effect in the future. Either way, the seasons are nice to look at!

Currently, you can only play freely, with no goals whatsoever set by the game. But if that’s what you like, then I guess it’s perfect for you! Other than your dinosaurs breaking fences, there’s no catastrophes in the game (yet?). However, I have had several dinosaurs escape in Jurassic World Evolution, but no dinosaur in my current park. Even if they nibble on the fences or kick them, the janitors repair them quickly enough. This isn’t really a complaint, but it can get a tiny bit boring. I wish there were more things to take care of sometimes. Unforeseen inconveniences, if you will.

They are working on a campaign mode and the first campaigns will problaby come to the PTR branch soon. I will definitely try these out! I like free building, but I also like having certain goals to meet. Tropico 6 and Two Point Hospital are two games that I only play because of the missions. I would also enjoy both games without them, but it’s just more fun to have them!

So, in closing, I would say that if you take a look at the game, watch some Let’s Play videos, read some reviews, and you like what you’re seeing right now, then the game is worth buying! Otherwise, stand by, watch and wait where it’s heading. I, personally, don’t regret buying a copy of the game, but I am also eagerly awaiting the campaigns. And the game could still be more challenging if you ask me!

Disclaimer: I received the game for free after volunteering to test it and giving them feedback. I also bought a regular copy for bookahnerk. However, I am not getting paid to write about the game and I am not affiliated with the developers. My opinion is my own (and if I ever start disliking the game, you’ll be the first to hear it)!