My Mini-Mes (August 2019)

This is the third “Me and my Mini-Mes” posting that I’m doing. The first was for Blaugust 2015. And then I did another last year, for International Picture Posting Month. Can you sense a pattern here, maybe?

So here I am, wondering which games to take my Mini-Mes from. I decided not to include Guild Wars 2 this time, because I haven’t seriously played the game in quite a while. The same goes for Rift. Instead, World of Warcraft is back in – but with the retail version, as classic won’t be until the end of August. So basically, World of Warcraft switches places with Guild Wars 2. Lord of the Rings Online and Elder Scrolls Online are still on my list of MMOs I play regularly.

Last year, I wrote that my main in ESO was a dragonknight and that I actually wanted an argonian as my main. I did have an argonian templar at the time, but didn’t like her look much. I have since deleted her and rolled another argonian templar with a much better look. Gechi-Ra has been my main ever since. The recent expansion also introduced a new class, the necromancer. I haven’t played her much yet, but I really enjoyed the class when I did.

In LotRO, I still focus on my guardian. I would love to play my runekeeper as well, but I actually don’t enjoy levelling as much in Lotro as I do in other games.

And last, because it’s the “new” one: My characters in World of Warcraft. My first main characters were a dwarf priest and an undead warlock. Both never hit level cap. So, I’m now levelling my warlock because after so many years, she deserves to get there… well, if I can get her to 120 before WoW Classic launches, as I actually want to play that version and not so much the current game. She’s currently level 118. Not that much more to level cap!

(Edit: Bookahnerk reminded me that my warlock did hit level cap back in vanilla WoW as well as in Burning Crusade. I’d just shelved her for my mage who was the first character I raided with, so I completely forgot about her… and I mostly played the warlock on a PvP server which I hated, so yeah, I didn’t have the most fun levelling experience.)

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