WoW: EU Stress Test

Us Europeans finally got to stress test WoW Classic as well today. The start of the stress test went surprisingly well. Servers were up, filled within seconds. Then they were locked. It took a long time to connect to the servers and then we got placed into the queue. It started at close to position 7000 for me with an estimated wait time of 9 minutes. We had dinner while waiting and I think maybe 12 minutes later or so, we got to join the game!

As we’d expected, the starter area for Undeads was crowded. But since we were two, we ignored the quests and went to a more abandoned area further away from the others to grind some mobs that were above our level. And as soon as we could, we headed to Brill to kill some bats, undeads and demon hounds. I also counted the XP points until I finally got my spell to conjure water! Good refreshing, mana-replenishing water. At some point, we noticed lag… a minute later, the first players started to appear. So I guess our skipping ahead was over as the first who had done the quests we reaching the area. But other than that bit of lag (the game was still playable), it was fine.

All of this with one PvP and one PvE server for all of EU. I do not know how it works with WoW, but I assume it’s some layering technique or some kind of mega server or however the other MMOs are calling it. Either way, bookahnerk and I could play together immediately as we were on the same map. There was no crashed server and hardly no lag at all.

I also quickly tested a tauren shaman – that area was abandoned compared to the Undead zone. But either it was a very new layer or, well, not a lot of people want to play tauren.

I had kind of hoped that this stress test would help me choose a main: Mage, warlock, hunter or shaman? Mage and warlock are still fighting for the number 1 spot. But as I’m currently playing my warlock in the retail client (Battle for Azeroth), it could be a bit boring to also play a warlock in classic. My main in Burning Crusade was a mage, so it would be nice to get back there. Also, water, food, teleports,… I never played shaman much, but I really liked the class whenever I did. And hunter is just plain fun to play. But there are a ton of them… so… I don’t know.