Blaugust: Perfect time for spring-cleaning

Now that Blaugust is here and there are so many new – and veteran – bloggers in one place sharing their advice, asking questions, musing about the do’s and don’ts, I am in the mood to update my blog. Not just with new content, but cleaning up categories that aren’t used anymore, making sure they are all written consistently (and not some in lower case and others with capitals) and so on.

I’ve also given the Gutenberg editor another try. The last time I did so, I switched back to the classic editor, because jetpack was lacking the functionality to add hashtags for Twitter etc. I think I still prefer the classic editor because it was cleaner to look at. And I don’t really like the pop-ups that sometimes appear when adding a new block while I’m trying to type text or proof-read. But I fear that one day, there won’t be a classic editor anymore, so I’m trying to get used to the new one now. And not everything is bad about it, after all.

There is also the case of the game logos on the right side of the blog. The ones you can click to see posts I made about the specific game in question. Some have a black border, some don’t (because I forgot how to do it in Gimp) and ESO is so tiny, you can’t even read it.

Thankfully, I still very much like the blog’s layout, so I won’t change anything about that. I actually never wanted something with tiles, but when I saw this layout, I just fell in love with it. It looks clean – which some of these with tiles don’t as they start and end at different heights – and I quite like the fading featured image. Once you hover over it, you also get the first sentences of the blog post, so a reader can easily decide whether they’re interested in reading the article or not.

I don’t think I’m changing anything about the menu on top either, although some of the “regular” columns haven’t had any new content in years. Maybe Blaugust is also a good time to change that!

I did delete some categories that aren’t needed or for games that don’t exist anymore. Well, I admit, I did not delete the Wildstar category, nor Atlas Reactor. It’s too soon.

Last, but not least, I desperately need to update the blogroll! I know that some time ago, I removed inactive blogs (and put them on an invisible “inactive list” in case the blogger returns, so I don’t lose track of them), but I haven’t added any new blogs recently. With Blaugust, there are a lot of new and returning people that I definitely do want to have on my list!


  1. I forced myself to go with Gutenberg and not look back when I returned to blogging this time around. I’ve gotten used to it, and there are some parts I’ve fallen in love with. (e.g., the ability to rearrange block positions as a whole very easily.)

    But there are other things that even after years of not using it I remember and miss, although to be 100% fair they were mostly relying on quirks rather than intended features. The main intentional thing I remember being able to do in the classic editor though was add a border to image thumbnails without having to add them to the image themselves.

    Made things look much cleaner I think!

    Curious to hear how you get on with this after a little time working with it. :)


    1. Placing images is also one thing that annoys me with Gutenberg unless it’s simply adding one image per block. I tried the image gallery and was missing some options of how to arrange the images. I also didn’t find all the boxes to put down descriptions etc. for images like you get with the classic editor. And then it re-uploaded two of my images without me prompting to do so.


  2. WordPress will get me off the classic editor when they pry it from my cold, dead hands… or when they break it on accident with some ill considered new feature, which is their usual style.

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    1. I’m afraid that it will be taken from us without me being prepared. Which is why I’m forcing myself to use Gutenberg now. Maybe… maaayyyybe I’ll be so used to it one day that I don’t even want to go back to the classic editor. ;)


  3. I think your current layout and look is excellent. Really pleasing to the eye and very clear to navigate. Generally I’m not keen on white backgrounds but it works perfectly here, giving a very clean, magazine-like feel.

    As for the blog spring cleaning, my tag tail scares the hell out of me….


    1. Thank you! The background itself isn’t white-white. I think it’d hurt my eyes otherwise. But the text boxes may be… not sure about that.

      I’m ignoring tags. I think the more the better. But when it comes to categories, there shouldn’t be too many. But I think I still have more than blog-advice sites tell you. :p


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