Screenshot Saturday: Mad Tower Tycoon

I had some trouble deciding which screenshot to show here today. I’d repeat myself showing more of Equilinox. Especially as I am preparing a little “first impressions” piece for the game. I did play more World of Warcraft and Elder Scrolls Online, but not much as we’d been on a short vacation this week.

So, Mad Tower Tycoon it is! I bought the game last Sunday after a long long time of contemplating whether it is different enough from Project Highrise to buy. So far, I don’t regret the purchase, so all is good here.

As usual in games like this, I am waiting for money to come in. Seemingly all of my offices suddenly want a server room. I am also only slowly building up vertically, as I do not know yet how the infrastructure works exactly. It may be like Project Highrise, where certain facilities only count for tenants on the same floor. The tooltip says “within reach”, so that doesn’t help too much.