This better be worth it!

Back in 2017, as a birthday present from myself to myself, I bought Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor Martyr. This was before the game’s launch in June 2018. I quickly realized that I wanted to wait playing it until its official launch as the game was still heavily worked on. Altogether, I have played the game for 35 hours and since I paid about 40 € for it, I’m 5 hours short for my own definition of ‘it was worth it’ (1 hour of gaming time for each Euro spent). I also restarted the game with a new character 4 times or so. Taking all of this together, I do not feel like I’ve made a good investment here. Not yet, at least. I wouldn’t even say the game is bad. It did have some things I didn’t like at all (e. g., not being able to use the loot while you were still on the mission where it dropped), but NeocoreGames have been continuously improving the game.

A few days ago, they released the standalone expansion “Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Prophecy”. You can just buy this expansion and play it as a full game which gives you one class, the Tech-Adept, and three chapters in the game. The first chapter can only be played by the Tech-Adept, but it apparently gives you an overview of what happened in the base game. My Psyker is a teensy little 11 character, so I haven’t seen much at all from the base game. I still appreciate the summary for the Tech-Adept as I hope I’ll understand more of what’s going on when it’s presented in a condensed version. I only know (a little bit) of Warhammer Fantasy and am completely new in Warhammer 40,000.

Previous characters can access two new chapters, so if you play any of these classes, you can play the game from beginning to end with the exception of the Tech-Adept’s chapter. The Tech-Adept cannot play through the base game, however.

For a limited time, owners of the base game are given a 30 % discount for Prophecy. I took a look at the reviews and watched two videos of guys playing Prophecy. The new class looks like a lot of fun and since my main issue with the game has actually been that I didn’t really love any of the classes (Psyker is okay, but that’s it) and felt very lost in the game and its features, I hope I get better explanation of how everything works now. If not, I guess I’ll have to look for “getting started” tips.

In other words, I did spent another 17.50 € on a game I previously spent 40 € on, hoping that I will now properly enjoy the game and that I’ll progress further in the base game afterwards. Yes, I am aware that this may have been a stupid decision.


  1. I really wanted to be able to like Inquisition, but the base game was so clunky and unfun to play I could couldn’t. I don’t know what happened, as NeoCore had made the fantastic Van Helsing ARPG series (which finally condensed into an all encompassing ‘Final’ release) and the perhaps not /as/ good but still super fun co-op game Deathtrap.

    So I really didn’t understand how they went from those titles to the gameplay in this one! I do admire them for keeping at it though, so we’ll see. Maybe it’ll end up in a good place ultimately, and I’m keeping an eye on it from time to time to see. But I’m not holding my breath too much either.


    1. I also didn’t really love any of the classes in Van Helsing, but I agree that it’s the better game. And I really love Deathtrap! As you say, it’s a really fun game.

      When I try to compare Van Helsing with Inquisitor, I feel as if Inquisitor feels more complicated despite not offering more features? At least, it feels like that to me. The world in Van Helsing also feels more connected. Inquisitor has the missions you launch, but it doesn’t give the same feeling of being in a world. I agree – I like seeing them put out new patches, overhauls etc. The game has definitely become a lot better from the beginning! I can now loot items and equip them right away. Just as it has to be in an ARPG.


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