Blaugust 2019 has begun!

I am only one day late to Blaugust, but as always with this blog, real life comes first. We went on a little city trip for a couple of days and only returned today. Our experiences there are subject of another blog post as we definitely do want to show our readers a little bit of what Germany looks like.

But back to Blaugust: If you have never heard about Blaugust before, head over to Belghast’s blog where he explains what it is. You can also find the latest list of participants in his recent post. As you can see there, the list has mentors, newbies and participants. Mentors are people like me, who’ve been blogging for a while and are here to give advice and answer all of the questions you may have about blogging. Newbies are obviously new bloggers who are just starting out. And participants are all the other bloggers who fall between the other two categories: Not a newcomer anymore, but who don’t feel ready yet to be a mentor (for whatever reason, nobody’s asking, obviously). You can also still join Blaugust all through August! So, if you see this just now, don’t worry. Sign up and get in on the fun of blogging.

Two other important links: Chestnut put together a Twitter list of all participants (including mentors and newbies, of course!). And then there is the Blaugust Discord channel where you can introduce yourself, ask questions or share your content!

Of course, you can also leave a comment here if you have any questions about Blaugust!