Screenshot Saturday: Back to WoW

Even in the current version of World of Warcraft, I feel nostalgic. I do have a Pandaren sitting at level 110 – I don’t even remember playing her much as levelling had been really fast when I last had an active account. But I wanted to give the new warlock a try. I remember hating the changes they’ve made. I also remember losing our demons’ names after some patch and when I resummoned mine, they had different names (my Voidwalker’s name is Hathzazt – try saying that fast several times…). My first character that I called my main was my undead warlock. At some point, I transferred her off that much hated PvP server onto a PvE one, but I already had a character named “Paeroka” on there. I figured it’s not that bad to give my warlock a different name and definitely better than having to pay for a name change for my other character with that name. But after she’d arrived and had that different name, on top of the warlock changes I didn’t like, I never played her again. Yeah, talk about wasted money (although I still believe paying for server transfers is wasted money seeing how this service has always been instant and free of charge in Rift…).

Long story short, I’m dipping my toes into the new content and since it came with a level boost, my Paeroka (she’ll always have that name for me) got to level 110 instantly (from level 74 or so). Playing the class certainly feels different than in classic WoW, but I actually like it. I am not sure if I like it better than classic, though. Probably not. I do remember having to use Drain Life to stay alive in fights. Nowadays, I don’t run out of life or mana unless I pull a huge group in which case I need to put dots on every enemy and maybe use a drain life, so my health pool doesn’t fall into the dreaded state of “less than 50 %”. Mana is still not an issue. I am not certain why that resource is still even there if it’s not used. At least, not while levelling.