Screenshot Saturday: Unheard

Unheard is a detective game that works with audio files only. That is, you have a map and can see where each “dot” (until you’ve tagged them with a name you think is theirs) moves . But you have to rely on the audio recordings of what was said in which room. You can replay the audio file as often as you want, you can move to different rooms to listen in to the conversations everywhere and you can add comments. It’s a very nice take on the detective game genre. I have only tried the first trial case and the second one where, I admit, I already had to guess. I just got lost at some point.

But I’m not letting this discourage me! The game is fun and interesting and I just hope I can put on my thinking cap and increase my logic skill before taking on the next case. :p I know I’m not that bad in general (not in L. A. Noire, at least, as long as you ignore all the poor people I accused of lying when they had told me the truth or all the cases I got wrong in Sherlock Holmes… ahem).