E3 Highlights?

I have not been following all of E3 lately, but I did watch a few of the press conferences. Altogether, I did not take away much for me personally, but I saw some interesting games that I’m sure others will enjoy playing! Cyberpunk 2077 comes to mind especially.

But I want to go over what got me excited personally! Unfortunately, Elder Scrolls Online wasn’t it. We left our PCs on (they came online at 2.30 am our time), so we were technically watching the stream and received the free mount and crates. But I wouldn’t consider this a highlight of E3. The trailer was well done and I loved the cat’s hiss! Other than that, it doesn’t tell us anything about the upcoming new content, though.

In a news post on their website, zenimax gave us some details about the next two DLCs which kind of belong to the Elsweyr expansion, but have to be paid for separately, of course (unless you’re paying for a subscription in which case you can access the content for free).

My favourite E3 conference was the PC Gaming one. It featured many different games, even from smaller and indie developers. Too bad the Terraria announcement ended abruptly. I haven’t played this game in ages, but I am looking forward to its final update! It looks like this is going to be a very great end to the game before it enters maintenance mode.

The PC Gaming conference also showed two new games that I am excited about and that I had not heard about before. The first is “Telling Lies”. I played through “Her Story” and really liked this concept. The video sequences were very well done and it was believable and immersive. So I am very much looking forward to the sequel now!

Last but not least, I also learned about Space Haven during that conference. You can currently sign up for beta or buy your way into alpha, if you really really really want to try it out immediately. Release will be in early 2020, apparently. You build your spaceship in the hopes of getting your crew to survive. Unfortunately, space is hostile and others will try to raid you. I am not sure yet if the game will be fun for me or frustrating, but the building aspect looks really good and in general, I tend to love games like this one. So I am not paying for alpha, but I am closely following the game’s development nonetheless.

The last game is from a developer who wasn’t featured or shown at E3, I think. I only saw an article about it on Kotaku: Tavern Keeper. The Kotaku article goes into quite some details about the gameplay. Tavern Keeper is a game made by the developers of Game Dev Tycoon, Greenheart Games. I had seen announcements about their new game before, so it is nice to see some news about it now. Unfortunately, I am still not a big fan of the art style. The non-attached arms look weird. There will probably be a beta this year, so hopefully, the game’s release isn’t too far into the future either. I’d guess 2020, though. It’s a business simulation game, much like Game Dev Tycoon, but also very different from it, of course. I like the setting already, so even though I don’t like the art style, I am still following it closely from now on, because I am certain it’s a game I’ll like! I just must not look at the arms.

And that’s it already. Although this is three new games and an update for an existing one that got me excited. I guess that’s more than enough considering there’s never enough time to play all the games you want to play anyway, isn’t it?

What do you think?

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