Screenshot Saturday: Returning to Rift?

Rift_Meffanda rogue level 50

As gamigo announced the closure of Rift Prime, they also announced that we’d get a free level 65 booster. Us EU players aren’t getting our Prime characters which, to be honest, disappointed me a little bit. They’re stuck on the US servers and I was hoping to get my level 50 dwarf rogue to my EU server. On the other hand, I did realize I don’t like playing a rogue too much. So in the end, all’s good, after all. I used my level 65 boost to get my primalist to that level (and ultimately gained 15 extra levels this way). My cleric is level 70 and I’ve got a mage and a warrior at 65 already.

But then there was the big choice: Do I boost my level 44 dwarf primalist or my level 20 human primalist? It felt weird boosting a character that is seemingly almost level 65 and I do have three dwarves already (said cleric, mage and warrior), so I decided to boost Ghamina, my Mathosian (human race).

Rift - Picture of a Mathosian Primalist

Now that I have this fresh new level 65 primalist, I suddenly get the urge to actively play Rift again. Not sure I am going to, since I don’t really like the game’s world and main storylines… This boost also gave me a whole equipment set, so she’s really ready to jump into the latest expansion’s content.