Too many choices in Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn_Ritualist Level 35

When the 2nd (and last) expansion for Grim Dawn was announced, I didn’t think I’d want to buy it on its release day, because I didn’t see that it comes with a new class. And it’s not just any class, it’s the Oathkeeper. A class that from the videos I saw reminded me a lot of the Guild Wars Dervish and I really loved that one. In fact, one of the class combinations in Grim Dawn (Oathkeeper and Nightblade) is called the Dervish.

My first main character is the Ritualist, which is a combination of the Necromancer and the Shaman. It has lots of minions/pets, so I’m basically just going for a walk while my minions kill everything for me. It was perfect when my hand had more issues and stronger pain, but since it’s gotten better and especially since I can also easily play the game with the Steam controller, this combination is boring to play and I would like to do more myself!

Grim Dawn lets you respec, so you can change the skills you have chosen in either of the two class’s skill trees. But you cannot change the classes. Thankfully, my little Ritualist is only level 35, so it’s not that much of a loss and I find re-levelling in Grim Dawn is actually not a pain, but fun! Unless I have to do it ten times before I find a class combination I like.

I quite like the shaman, though. It has skills that enhance combat with two-handed weapons – and it can have minions. I don’t mind one of them as it’s nice to have some company when my character is out adventuring. Then again, the new class that got added with the last expansion, the Oathkeeper, looks really nice as well! When I saw gameplay videos before the expansion launched, I was reminded of Guild Wars’ dervish class. I always liked that one (despite my main characters being a necromancer and a warrior). Combining the Shaman with the Oathkeeper gives you the Archon class. But I am not sure if maybe this combination could end up a little too boring. There is a new Build Compendium up in Grim Dawn’s forums which includes builds with the new class, but it’s slowly building as players come up with good builds and there is nothing for the Archon yet. I like browsing the builds to see what kind of playstyles are possible with the class combinations.

Grim Dawn_Dervish combat

I have seen the advice to first choose which kind of weapon-playstyle you want, and then to choose which kind of damage you want to deal (e. g., acid and poison damage). I know by now that even though I like caster classes, in games like these, I really miss being able to stab or hit the enemies with a weapon. So thankfully, casters are not part of my choice. But it still leaves me with too many combinations! There are two other options that are interesting which doesn’t make my choice any easier: the Nightblade and the Inquisitor. Nightblade is a thief/rogue/assassin-like class that lets you dual-wield melee weapons while the Inquisitor specializes in dual-wielding ranged weapons. The Oathkeeper has a lot of skills that boost its shield skills. Obviously, you do not put skill points in shield skills as well as dual-wield skills as it’s not possible to wield two weapons and a shield.

The last combination I was playing was the Archon (Shaman with Oathkeeper), but when I look at the name of the class combinations, I may just give the Oathkeeper + Nightblade a try as this class combination is called the Dervish! And I really like dual-wielding as a playstyle, because it feels faster and more agile than when you’re running around with a shield. I like playing tanks in MMOs, but not so much in ARPGs. Or maybe I’ll stick with the Archon, as it is a nice combination and feels fun (which is the most important part here).

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