Screenshot Saturday: Tropico 6 release

Tropico 6 Beta

Tropico 6 finally released yesterday after the developers had postponed the initial launch (it was planned for January, I think). So far, I am greatly enjoying my time in the game and I am absolutely loving the soundtrack!

Tropico 6 First map

They decided not to have a campaign, but individual mission maps instead. I am not sure I prefer the separate missions over a campaign, but I also can’t say that I miss anything so far. It is actually quite nice being able to choose missions and not having to “fight” through a map only to advance in the campaign.

The screenshot shows the first map that you have to play in order to unlock more mission maps (so yes, you have to “fight” through this one, but it’s just a basic map). The three majestic buildings in terracotta-sand colours are my palace. It’s customizable!