Screenshot Saturday: Busy building

Two Point Hospital Pebberley

I’ve recently been in the mood to play relaxing games where I can pause as often as I like. Most of all, Cities: Skylines. The major problem was that I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to buy their latest DLC “Industries” now that it’s on sale. On the other hand, if I started a new city and then decided I wanted the DLC, I would want to start another new city and my time would be wasted on the new city I’d start now. This led to not actually playing at all for quite some time yesterday despite really wanting to (in case you’re wondering: I am sick once again, so there was lots of gaming time yesterday evening). But how silly is that, really, because I know I would get the DLC sooner or later anyway. So, I quickly grabbed the DLC and decided not to further think about it, and I started my new city. I haven’t even played much around with Parklife, so there is a lot to explore for me now! Also, I get the feeling that there is also a lot to learn for me now.

Cities Skylines Industries

I had also bought Two Point Hospital’s latest DLC “Pebberley Island” once it came out. But with this DLC, I didn’t even think twice, because I’ve been playing the game a lot since it released and I know it will be worth my money (seen as “time entertained per Euro spent”). I actually expected “more of the same” but with fun new diseases. And it is, but it’s also a little bit more than that. The current map feels free to build in, even though it’s not. But you don’t buy new plots. You accept quests for the plots and once you’ve fulfilled them, the plot becomes available to you. I actually like this method a lot more!

Two Point Hospital Pebberley

With the official release of Tropico 6 at the end of the month (and Grim Dawn’s new expansion with a new class coming out as well), I have more than enough to play. Now, where do I go to buy more time per day, so I can actually play all these games?