My weak spot in games

Tropico 6 Beta

While I like gaming in general, when looking at a list of video game genres, I actually feel quite indifferent about a lot of them. Sports and action games most of all. But even when it comes to genres I like, I seem to be picky sometimes: With strategy games, I prefer turn-based ones or very slow ones. The fast real-time games of that genre are too stressful and hectic for me. I guess I just generally prefer games that aren’t super complex. I need to use my brain often enough throughout my work days, I want to relax in the evenings and keep my brain on minimum alertness, if possible.

There is one game genre, however, that I just can’t resist: Building games. This includes park builders/management simulations as well as city-builders and some real time strategy games. Ironically, I had started this post here before I even knew Foundation existed. Obviously, I just can’t keep my wallet shut when there’s a new game like that available and if it looks even remotely interesting to me!

Cultures 8th Wonder of the World

It all started with the Cultures series years ago. This is a game series with little Vikings and apart from building up their village, you need to defend your tribe against enemies. So it kind of belongs into the real-time strategy genre while giving me enough city-building features to enjoy it for that. While I loved all of the Cultures games, however, I did not actually like the Settlers games. The big difference being that it feels first and foremost like a real-time strategy, but Cultures does not. For example, I could choose the profession for each Viking. I even decided when to have a new baby in the village (and the sex of the baby – very convenient!). They all had names and I could also rename them if I wanted to. If a Viking starved to death or died in combat, I even got a little sad. I could also train them to a certain degree. The focus for me wasn’t on building my village as fast as I could to attack the neighbours. It was rather on watching the villagers and making the village look pretty (and then go and attack the neighbours!). The Cultures games are all very slow games as well. 

Tropico 6 Beta

It was also about that time when I played my first Cultures game that I was also introduced to SimCity 2000. Boy, did I love that game! SimCity 3000 was okay, but while I don’t remember exactly what it was, there was some building or feature missing in the game that SimCity 2000 had and I didn’t like that too much. SimCity 4 constantly crashed on my PC back at the time, so I never played it that much. I have, however, recently bought it during a sale (and after seeing fixes for how to make it run on Windows 10). I didn’t know about the Tropico games until after Tropico 3 had been released (so, after 2009). I do remember that the only reason I didn’t buy it was a lack of money at the time. I did get Tropico 4 half a year after its initial release. I preordered Tropico 5 and I have, of course, also preordered Tropico 6 despite not even liking Tropico 5 that much. So clearly, one could say that I lack self-control here. But thankfully, as the developers let us play the beta until the game finally officially releases, I can say that I like Tropico 6 – maybe almost as much as Tropico 4.

The list goes on, though: I own Parkasaurus, but had to get Jurassic World Evolution when it was on sale. Both are dinosaur park games, but as it turns out, very different from one another – not just in graphics, but also in gameplay. I do have Project Highrise, but I am also eyeing Mad Tower Tycoon. These two don’t actually seem to be very different. I own Planet Coaster, but I also want to get Parkitect. Here, the differences are mostly the graphics, but I think there’s also a slightly different focus in-game mechanics. I don’t even remember, but I played Parkitect through the family access on Steam. I have spent many hours in Two Point Hospital, but Project Hospital is also on my wishlist.

It’s a bit ridiculous, isn’t it?