Screenshot Saturday: Gathering Storm

Civ VI_Gathering Storm_Dido

Civ VI_Gathering Storm_Dido

Fun fact: On days with a lot of pain in my left hand, this is the only game I can play, because it works quite well with the Steam controller. I have gotten so used to this setting by now, that I cannot play the game with keyboard and mouse anymore. It just annoys me having to use the keyboard and the mouse to click on stuff. – I am also quite happy that I can play Dido again. I really liked her in Civ V.


  1. I loved her in Civ5 — that free harbor in every city was amazingly powerful.

    In Civ6 she’s fine, but I don’t really see her Colthon district as being that great a boon for her. It’s nice, but not “woo hoo” if that makes sense.


    1. I started on a too easy difficulty and I’ve also been very lucky and was the only civ settling on a continent. So, I could expand rapidly. The faster settlers are nice, but to be honest, I didn’t even realize this is an advantage of the cothon. I definitely need to play her on a harder difficulty as well, but for now, I like dominating the world. :p


      1. I’m currently running a TSL map where I chose only American civs for my opponents, so I completely cover Europe and Africa. Just never bothered to spread in to Asia, but haven’t needed to. As you say, I’m totally dominating. Had 9 diplo points, but then they all ganged up on me to make me lose one. But that burned all their favor, so the next time it comes up I should be able to give myself 2 more for the diplo victory. Assuming the cultural one doesn’t kick off before then. I’m building space projects too, but those are a little farther off.

        Tyre on the TSL map is in a really bad spot. All flat land or water, so just no production. Can’t go north due to Hattusa being there, can’t go west due to Kabul being there. South is the Arabian desert, and west is the Egyptian desert, so…. At least the Nile’s there so one can settle south along it, but even there… flat desert and flood plains until you get into the Sudan area and finally get some hills and rainforests.


        1. I haven’t played much of the game in the past few days, so I haven’t advanced further yet. But I am leading with culture and my military is almost twice as strong as the country on 2nd place. I really like having a strong army as the AI seems to leave me alone with petty things that way. I assume that one of the other civs will win a religious victory as it always seems to happen when I don’t remember to turn of religious victories in the settings, because I always forget about religion in the game.


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