Lotro: Levelling in the Lone-lands

Lotro Scenery Lone-lands

My hobbit guardian is still only level 27. I really wish there’d be an action-camera mode like there is in ESO and Guild Wars 2, as that removes some strain for my hand.

But even though my levelling pace is very slow, I like revisiting all the older zones. I’ve seen the starting area often enough, but not that many went through the Lone-lands. One character got boosted to level 50 and on the regular servers, you can also play through skirmishes and skip content that way. Levelling farming is also a good way to skip the regular content.

I guess, if I had to choose, I’d choose the Shire as my favourite region in the game because it’s so peaceful. But the view in the Lone-Lands is gorgeous! I really love when MMOs let you freely (with no or almost no loading screens) travel through the world and when you can see so far into the distance!

So here are a few pictures from the Weathertop.



  1. The Lone Lands is one of my favorite zones. You’re out of the starter zones, through the running around about Bree, and into some wide open spaces. I do like how many paths there are around the zone, the out of the way places, and how organically it connects to other parts of the world. It doesn’t feel unnaturally hemmed in the way a WoW zones can feel at times.


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