Games I want to play again this year

gw2 all or nothing first part

I know that if there is one thing I don’t have, it’s time. Free time, that is, that I can devote to things like gaming. On the other hand, when I want to relax in the evening, there is hardly anything better than gaming… At least, when comparing that to what lots of other adults that I know do: Lay down on the couch and fall asleep while watching TV. No, thank you.

There are several games that I don’t play because they would take too much of my time like Skyrim (one day… maybe… – yeah, who am I kidding here…). But there are also lots of games that I can pick up and play for an evening or two. Civilization VI is such an example. It will get a new expansion on February 14. We usually ignore Valentine’s Day, but this year, we’re giving each other the expansion… ;)

Civilization VI playing as France

Trove is another game that I definitely have to play again. I left the game some time last year and don’t even remember why I did that. It might have been when my hand first started aching. Either way, I know there’s been development in the game and they’ve added new maps etc. It also seems that so far, Trove is the most active game since gamigo bought the games from Trion Worlds. At least, there have been patches and there’s communication on the forum, so the future seems to be relatively secure.

Trove Streamer Dream Balefire Wings

I have not gotten into Life is Strange 2 so far. A couple of days ago, I finally played until after the introduction part. It just feels so sad from the beginning on that I’m not sure I really want to play it. I should have thought about that before buying it. But I really do want to give the game a chance! Episode 2 will release on January 24, so maybe I’ll at least get a bit further into episode 1 before that.

Originally, I had wanted to put Hand of Fate on this list as I didn’t get too far yet. I remember dying a lot, though, because I was too slow or too dumb to defend against attacks… We backed the board game version on Kickstarter which finally got shipped earlier this week and it really made me want to play Hand of Fate again. But then I bought Hand of Fate 2 (it’s currently on sale), so I guess I’ll be playing the second game now and I’m not sure I want to play the first game again when (if) I’m done with the second.

Planet Coaster game

Planet Coaster is another on this list. I really love games like this where you build things and make them pretty and try to earn lots of money with it. It’s not that Planet Coaster is a bad game. It’s just that I have a lot of games like this in my game library and other, newer ones, kind of replaced this one. But I still want to revisit the game, because it was a lot of fun! For the most part, bookahnerk and I played it together. Both of us in front of the PC deciding together what to build and where to put it.

And last but not least, there is Guild Wars 2. Kind of, at least. I never really quit the game, but I’ve hardly played it in the last few months. Since they just released a new story episode with a new map, I definitely want to explore the map, though!

gw2 all or nothing first part

Looking at this list, there’s just one thing left to worry about: Where do I get the time to play all of these games?