Winter game sales 2018

You may remember that I participated in IntPiPoMo. Not only did this lead to finally posting Guild Wars 2 galleries again (this time for the new Lion’s Arch and Lake Doric), but I also won a $10 Steam gift coupon. Once again, thank you, Chestnut, for not only organizing and hosting this event, but also for the gift code!

This came perfectly on time for the Steam winter sale! I got myself Jurassic World Evolution and Crest. Since I didn’t buy Elder Scrolls Online on Steam, I thought I’d have no option to get Morrowind other than buying it with crowns in the game’s own shop. But then, thanks to the winter sales everywhere, I found the Elder Scrolls Online game on sale on Fanatical and the description said that it’d upgrade to Morrowind for existing players while giving the basic game plus Morrowind for new players. Now I can finally give the warden a try, which is a class that’s tied to the Morrowind expansion.

Elder Scrolls Online Warden
This year, we moved to Northern Germany and away from my family. When we made that decision, we also decided that every year for Christmas, we would go back to spend the holidays with my family (not unfair to him or his family as they’re not celebrating Christmas). Sadly for my gaming time, this means there is none. :p No PC gaming, at least! We played a German card game: Aventuria. For our anniversary, which is also in December, I got two more expansions for Aventuria with new adventures and a new enemy: A two-headed dragon (or three-headed?). But we decided to start playing the smaller adventures first before heading into a bigger campaign.

Just when I thought I was done, I couldn’t resist and got the DLC for Realpolitiks on GOG. I bought the base game there already. I usually don’t buy the DLCs until I know that I really like the base game and I’ve not yet had the time to really get into this game and since I was away visiting family, I couldn’t play the game. But from what I did play, I know I will like it once I do. ;)

Last, but apparently not least, I bought What Remains of Edith Finch. I have heard so many positive opinions about this game and I really like walking simulators. Thankfully, I have avoided all story spoilers so far.

So that’s three new games and two DLCs/expansions. I guess that’s more than enough new games to keep me occupied for months to come… at least until the next big sale? Or Valentine’s Day, when Civ VI releases its expansion.

(A note as I’ve put several links to shop websites: These are all regular links, no affiliate ones. If you click or not, I will not get any money from it! :p)