New Lion’s Arch

GW2 New Lion's Arch

Can you believe that after all the screenshot galleries I’ve made for Lion’s Arch in its various stages, I have never made one of the rebuild town?

You can see the original Lion’s Arch in this post (from April 2012). About two years later, in February 2014, I made a second gallery because I felt the first one wasn’t good enough. A couple of days later, Lion’s Arch burned. Then it lay in ruins (posted in April 2014) for a bit, before it got rebuilt. For all of you who are “new” to the game (well, who came after all of this happened), I summarized it in another post (back in May 2014) and also included some screenshots of Lion’s Arch when it was decorated for special events.

In other words, the most recent post is more than 4 years old! Maybe it was the fact that I’d been disappointed that we hadn’t gotten a chance to help rebuild the city… But I think it was more the fact that I wanted to do it justice, just as I tried to do it with all the cities Guild Wars 2 has. So, again, with “International Picture Posting Month“, I figured this is the best opportunity to finally present you a gallery of the rebuilt Lion’s Arch!

(IntPiPoMo count: 53)

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