Lake Doric in Kryta

I admit, it does feel a bit like cheating when I’m filling my picture-count for IntPiPoMo with a blog post like this. But when I thought about what kind of blog posts I could do with pictures (other than the regular ones as I always include at least one picture with each blog post), this almost-forgotten category came to my mind and it’s too good an opportunity not to use this month for at least two of these posts.

A long long time ago, I had started taking screenshots of some of the maps in Guild Wars 2. You can see everything I’ve done so far here. The last post like this was done in 2016. This was after ArenaNet added the first person view! All other galleries before that were taken by hiding my character somehow, so she can’t be seen in the pictures. For this gallery here, I could even reach areas much more easily as the mounts have been added in the meantime.


(IntPiPoMo count: 32)

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